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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit View Post
    Pretty certain your post starts with "time for a rant," and includes #* to hide the swearing... sounds like a temper tantrum to me.

    Pretty certain I made suggestions as to why some clubs reserve the white tees. Hadn't realised the discussion meant I had to agree with you.

    And as I said, he was obnoxious about it. He could have done it better.

    A rant is a rant, I.e. My post... temper tantrum is very different, check the dictionary or google it if you're confused...

    I thought your other comments were valuable, never suggested otherwise 👍

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    I gave to admit that when I play at other courses and they insist we play off yellow, much further forward, tees it does pee me off when members are playing off whites. Most (not all) courses lose their quality if shortened too much imo, and when I've paid a decent sum to play there I want to enjoy the same course as the members do
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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Quote Originally Posted by pauljames87 View Post
    36-24 red tees

    23-12 yellow tees

    11 and under whites
    100% agree with people selecting their tees for ability rather than gender or their membership status.

    Courses need to run "green" tees alongside reds for those who think red is for a single gender only.

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike07 View Post
    Firstly... why does he care... secondly... why does he need to 'police' the course... and thirdly, why does he need to be so bloody rude about it...!
    Maybe he was German There seems to be an un-supressable urge with German men over 50 to "educate" everyone they deem inferior ... which includes high handicappers, juniors and, of course, women.

    I can understand a course limiting access to certan tee boxes, though, if they want to reserve them for competition play or even for their members. Basically, if there is a policy like that in effect, it should go without saying that you abide by it, especially when playing as a guest or visitor, no questions asked (well, you can ask politely over a beer after the round when chatting to residents, of course). It's like with any other local rule or etiquette requirement: their course, their rules. Simple as.
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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Maybe if people followed club rules there wouldn't be 'on course police'.

    It's not that difficult.......

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    I think if the course is open then it should be open for folks to select their tees

    Trouble is lots of players will choose the wrong tee either because they think they are better than they are or to keep things social with the ‘best’ player in the group or they don’t want to play it forward or it’s not the full course etc etc etc. Then the course pace could be impacted and the visitors enjoy their game less/not likely to return if course too tough or takes too long but reverse is true too. If it plays too easy because forced forward a visitor won’t return either.

    So players have to be honest and clubs need to offer reasonable guidance based on pace/player enjoyment rather than trotting out the line of protecting the tee for a comp

    If clubs have tiny tee boxes that need ‘protected’ for the monthly comps. Well clubs really should invest a bit and make the boxes bigger And if it’s that busy with visitors that it means they’ll destroy the whites if they use them with the extra foot traffic then it means there’s plenty visitor fees to pay for the work!

    Let’s face it its mostly the par 3’s we’re talking about divot damage and the other odd hole where it’s not a driver. If its driver we really are only talking foot traffic. What kind of damage are folks doing? And if a club really does have to ‘protect a tee box’ for a comp day, what are the doing to protect the greens from all these players? (which is surely a more critical area of the course)

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Members course, they can do what they like.
    Some even make you wear silly coloured clothes and long socks.
    If you don't like it don't return.

    I suspect your dislike of shorter courses is due to a weakness in your game ?
    Your loss as you really are missing out on some gems.

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveR View Post
    Maybe if people followed club rules there wouldn't be 'on course police'.

    It's not that difficult.......
    Who has broken any club rules..?

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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    If you pay your green fee you should be given the chance to play off the tee of your choosing. After all, you are a temporary member for that round, aren't you? And no, I'm not expected full access to members changing rooms, bars, etc. That's a different topic.

    If a tee is reserved for competitions only, then fine, no play on that one, but to say whites are members only makes a visitor feel like a second class golfer.
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    Re: Member's Tees... still..!?

    There's a lot of chips on a lot of shoulders in this thread

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