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    How do you like your balls?

    For those that play the same ball regularly, what led you to that choice? Was it price related, brand loyalty, feel or something else? And how long have you played the same ball?

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    Yes! Carolyne

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    I feel premium balls are wasted at my level so not worth the expense.
    I don't stick to one brand either.
    Usually go for Bridgestone e6 or Srixon ad333 used off eBay.

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    Pro V1.

    Purely on performance. Price is irrelevant.
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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    Typically, I'll stick to a mid-range ball and buy them when on offer. Chromesofts if I am paying and Titleist Velocity for 2's money. Currently, using project A's as I won a dozen.

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    I always use 3 or more piece balls because I understand the benefits over a 2 piece ball eg Srixon AD333 compared to a Srixon AD333 Tour.

    My choice then comes to down to how well a ball suits my swing speed, how good the full shot spin is and particularly how good greenside spin is, how soft the ball feels off the putter and lastly price.

    My current choice of balls are Bridgestone B330RXS for when the greens are hard and running well and Bridgestone B330RX for when greens are softer and slower.
    I have been using them for about 3 years.

    I have tried all the 'premium' brands out at one time or another but settled on these out of them mainly because most of the top end balls are much the same with just very slight differences between them but I was able to buy these at a very favourable price.

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    i used to use any old ball, but when i got below 9 i found some constancy and had a light bulb moment playing with a mate, found i wasn't holying any greens with my wedges and was confused by this as the day before i had been. He said to me what ball were you using yesterday and what today. well yesterday was a Prov1 and today was NXT. there you go then was his reply.

    switched to prov and back to holding the green. so used a prem ball since. Plus i like the feel of a prov1 off the putter. Lucky that i don't have to buy ball that often, as one of my dogs is a suprem hunter of ball and usually finds at least a couple of Pro1 per day or more .

    for a medal i would use a Pro1X as first choice

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    ProV1 or x (or equivalent tp5 etc)
    Luckily I spend lots of time playing/walking/spectating at heathland courses and usually find half a dozen a week

    Not had to buy one for at least a year ☺

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    I base my choice on how the ball feels off of the club face, personally I prefer a softer ball like 'Srixon soft feel' or 'Callaway chrome-soft' and steer well clear of the likes of 'Callaway Warbirds' which feel/sound like yer hitting a musket ball...
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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    Have a bag full of different balls, usually corporate gifts but if I'm on my own dime i go for the Srixon AD333 be interested to try the tour version mentioned and see what the difference is.
    Am not against Pro V1 just not sure I'm good enough to get / notice the benefits?

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    Re: How do you like your balls?

    I use a ball, partially related to performance and partially price. I'm never forking out 40 + a dozen. There are many good balls out there that suit your game. That is key - finding one that does what you want it to. I have PP that use cheap balls because they don't want/need spin around greens (the land it short and chase it up). I'm the opposite. Find a ball at a price your happy with that does what you need it to do.....i.e. that suits your game

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