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Thread: Pitching woes

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    Pitching woes

    Today put the tin lid on it!

    For years I've been struggling with most shots from around 90 yards and in. Today brought about the same results.
    I seem to have a severe lack of confidence with any pitch shots as I've seen far too many result in a straight right direction. I know they are not s***ks, probably leaving the club face wide open.

    Anyone know of any good instructional YouTube type videos to help me iron out this fault. With practice I'm hoping to remedy the fault and hopefully build some confidence when pitching onto the green. Cheers.

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    Re: Pitching woes

    If you could get a video of you pitching and post it here then that would help discover what's going on.
    If you don't want to do that you could send it to me in a pm and I'll take a look for you.
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