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    How often per round do you pull the chief

    One of the most frequent pieces of advice given to golfers is to leave the driver in the bag and take 3-wood/iron off the tee.

    I'm curious to hear how many of us heed this advice or whether the lure of that extra distance at the risk of a wayward shot too much to resist. Or is the driver indeed one of the more reliable clubs in your bag that you've as much chance of hitting a fairway with as any.

    For me it's the latter, I pull out the chief on 12 holes during a regular knock around the home track and it's known as being fairly tight. The only times I don't are for the 4 par 3s, or on the couple of short par 4s where driver is too much.
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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    Off our normal white competition tees I'll use it 8 times on average, off the blues another 3 times probably.
    The only reason I don't use it on all the other par 4's is that it'd go too far and put me in trouble, ie by cutting across doglegs or into ditches etc

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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    I use driver 4 times around my home course. 3 wood on all the other par fours. We have a very tight tree lined course and if youre off line youre pretty much dead. Most holes are a 3 wood and a flick wedge in fairness if you keep it in play.
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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    5 maybe 7 times around depending on how i'm playing/wind etc. I used to pull it for all par 4's and 5's but realized its not needed. Fairway is better than the rough. Sure I still go in the rough taking something else off the tee, but it is not as deep and generally not as wide.

    Just got myself a 3 wood again but that goes consistently 225 yards and straight so that will be my go to club when needed.
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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    Last year would have had driver out on 12/13 holes whereas this year, that's probably nearer 9/10. Trying to be a bit more conservative and play for position this year. There are some holes where gaining an extra 30 yards isnt that beneficial but a miss is pretty penal.

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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    Probably 4 times. 1st, 8th, 11th and 14th. Other par 4's and 5 I'll hit 4-wood.
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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    Normally every hole apart from par 3's. Got much more confidence with it than with a fairway wood or hybrid so using it doesn't reduce my chances of finding the fairway - its normally the opposite.

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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    18 holes, 5 par 3, 8 par 4, 5 par 3, I use it on everything but the par 3, so 13 times. My driving is the best part of my game.

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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    13 to 16 times, including on the longest par 3 (which plays about 175 yards off the ladies' tees). There are two short par 3s where I can reach the green with a hybrid or iron. And there are three of the par 4 holes where water comes into play with the driver on a good hit, so I sometimes go for the hybrid or a 3-wood there. But actually, whenever I try to hit something other than driver for "safety" or "accuracy", it fails miserably. There is just no other club which gives me that much confidence on the tee. Ball sticking up in the air like a lollipop, huge clubhead, what can possibly go wrong?
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    Re: How often per round do you pull the chief

    7 or 8 times. Could be slightly higher or lower depending on wind direction and if im driving well.

    We have 5 par 3's. There is also 2 par 4's which only require an iron to get to the corner so it is very rare I use it here. Our first is also only 270 yards long but has OOB on the right, so would normally lay up here and just flick it on with a wedge.

    I don't shy away from using the driver, it is actually my best club, just some holes on our course don't suit the driver as you can run out of fairway or it narrows in the landing area
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