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    Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area


    Going to be in Scottsdale / Phoenix area for approx 5 days in November. Can anyone recommend some good cheap courses?

    My friends and I all play off about 20 and we're looking to experience a different range of courses. Mostly interested in playing in different surroundings to usual (London courses).

    Looks like November is one of the most expensive times of year in that part of the world but none of the websites seem to have prices up yet.

    We're hoping to do three courses:

    Approx $20-$30
    Approx $50-70

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received!



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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    Welcome to the forum, love the username!

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    i have always used golfnow,com when I have been in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. You will find that there are courses in the price ranges you want, just be prepared to travel out of town for some of the courses. Here are the courses I have played in the area:

    Copper Canyon
    Mission Royale
    Trilogy at Vistancia
    Arizona Grand - Phantom Horse
    Bear Creek
    Cave Creek
    Dove Valley
    Eagle Mountain
    Estrella Mtn Ranch
    Grayhawk - Raptor
    Grayhawk - Talon
    Kierland - all 3 loops of 9
    Las Sendas
    Legends at Arrowhead
    Legends Trail
    Lookout Mountain
    McCormick Ranch - Pine
    Ocotillo Blue & Gold
    Palm Valley
    Raven at S. Mtn
    Sunridge Canyon
    Superstition Springs
    Talking Sticks - North
    Talking Sticks - south
    The Boulders - South
    TPC Stadium Course
    Troon North - Monument
    Troon North - Pinnacle
    We-Ko-Pa - Cholla
    Whirlwind - cattail
    Whirlwind - Devils claw
    Wildfire - Faldo
    Wildfire - Palmer

    The only one that I was not impressed with was Cave Creek.

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    Thanks for the info.

    There are so many courses I don't know where to turn!

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    Do as TXL suggests and book your golf when you get there via one of the online tee time booking services. You can also often get reduced fees at courses from some of the golf shops in the area. Most courses will also have a much reduced twilight fee if you're happy to tee off in the afternoon.

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    Also, are you staying in a hotel while you are there, as they will likely have arrangements with local courses (or does the operator that you booked through have a helpline that you can ask?)?

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    No, we'll be staying in an airbnb, likely in Scottsdale. I found a couple of places that looked decent: Gold Canyon - about an hour's drive; Papago - near Tempe. They look reasonably priced but without reading the reviews of all 200 courses in the area I just don't know how to pick one course over another!

    We're also going to play Elephant Rocks, near Flagstaff. Much easier to choose courses around there as there aren't nearly as many!

    Thanks again for input. We may end up booking when we get there but I'm a bit of a planner and like to have an idea of where we'll need to go and how much we'll spend etc...

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    All the courses I played were with and on the advice of a +2 handicapper that lives in Phoenix. We only played Cave Creek as it was the only one we could get on at 30 mins notice!

    Papago is a municipal course where the condition can vary greatly depending on the budget the city has given them.

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    Re: Golf in Scottsdale / Phoenix area

    I can recommend Wigwam (Gold Course) and Union Hills ... can't recall the cost though, as it was a few years ago now.
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