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Thread: Mental Issues

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    Re: Mental Issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit View Post
    You can only affect what happens next, not what happened last. Thinking about a bad shot is a complete waste of time.

    As for a particular hole that gets in your head; There is a reason why some holes can do that. Its their design. Easy answer is change the way you play it. If a driver puts you in trouble on that hole, or the shot into the green is extremely difficult, play a 3 wood off the tee and then lay up to your preferred yardage.
    Agree 100% - and my approach is to immediately forget what has been, and concentrate on the shot I have now to play. And I will start that thinking as soon as I put my club in my bag. I start thinking about the shot I am going to play next - to put the past out of mind - and then focus my thoughts on how I play that shot - actually trying to forget what my shot objective is. I then stand over the ball and make the swing I have decided upon - without worrying at all about the outcome.
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    Re: Mental Issues

    try the free headspace app trial 10 days, has plenty of options available, it's helped me loads to be honest. I've even stumped up for a years subs.
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    Re: Mental Issues

    Learn to play with a brick wall following you and a fog on the holes ahead. In other words you just have the shot in front of you, hitting it to where you want to play your next from.

    I use this technique when I have a score going, really helps.

    Last weekend it was essential as I was two under quite quickly and had to keep from planning how I would celebrate a new record. Having been so close and blown it on the last hole just a tee rounds back I had to put what I learnt from that into action.

    If you only have to hit a ball to where you want to play the next from then nothing else matters.

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    Re: Mental Issues

    I am quite good at forgetting individual shots or even bad holes.

    My issues start when my score is totally irretrievable. My current way of dealing with it is to completely not care. I just can't find the effort in me to scrap for each shot that would turn a +8 nett into a +6. I just can't make myself care.

    I guess this doesn't help much

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    Re: Mental Issues

    I suffer like this too, a bad hole links on to thinking how can i claw it back, I break clubs and throw stuff around in extreme cases. My game is good, my mind isnt.

    I tried reading Bob Rotella books and I couldn't get into it, It felt to me as it wasn't going anywhere. I'm going to look up the suggestions mentioned here.

    If all else fails I do give just give up, like Region 3 says. If It looks like a +14 or more being posted I just give up. I even been known to be just 3/4 over after 6 holes, only to have a triple and give up there. I could walk off but I'm not that rude, but the good balls go in the bag, the crappy practice balls come out, the new gloves goes away and I just whack it about for the remaining holes. This approach has even led to me posting a better score than I'd of thought was on the cards!

    Frustrating old game.
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    Re: Mental Issues

    I find that a natural ability to 'not give a s**t' helps greatly where having a bad hole or two is concerned...

    That 'natural ability' that I speak of is something I have an abundance of luckily...

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    Re: Mental Issues

    Rotella does some good stuff in his books but I found he dressed the same points up slightly differently in each tome rather than offering anything different so maybe one book is sufficient.

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    Re: Mental Issues

    Denis Pugh and John O'Keefe (?) did a simple book that could be downloaded with techniques that can help - I've used some of them and they made a difference. It's a very simple layout that might not look good but give it a whirl

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    Re: Mental Issues

    Don't know what to recommend to help beyond what others have said. All you can do is focus on the next shot.

    I shanked a wedge into a fairway bunker on the 1st hole yesterday. Forgot about it and concentrated on the bunker shot, stuck it to a foot and won the hole after my opponent 3-putted. If I'd got angry about the shank I would have lost the hole.

    There's nothing you can do about a bad shot, so it ain't worth dwelling on. By all means think about the reasons for doing it and try to correct them, but getting annoyed about it does nothing positive.

    It's just a game, we're not playing for a living, and it beats the hell out of working.
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    Re: Mental Issues

    Thanks to everyone who replied ... I shall follow up on the suggestions and see what happens. I particularly like the idea about setting other goals for the round once the gross score has clearly been stuffed ... but I shall give them all a go. I can emphasise with mashly's comment that he played better once he gave up trying ... earlier this week I played a round that prompted my original post ... I had a nightmare seven hole run that took me to the 15th tee. I told the guys that I was playing with that I was sorely tempted to walk off and see them later in the clubhouse, but that I would carry on merely to be sociable ... and then hit 5, 4 and 5 (i.e. to my handicap) on the next three holes. Bobby Jones said that golf is played on a 5" course (i.e. the brain) ... boy, ain't that right!

    Thanks again everyone.
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