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Thread: Is CSS flawed?

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    Re: Is CSS flawed?

    Quote Originally Posted by rosecott View Post
    Would you rather have it based on the score you might take?
    I explained the logic above.

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    Re: Is CSS flawed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Maninblack4612 View Post
    And a scratch golfer's handicap is based on the score he's likely to take against Standard Scratch!
    Not what we're talking about here.

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    Re: Is CSS flawed?

    Quote Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
    This is the issue, SSS is calculated on what the course assessors think a scratch golfer will play the course in.

    Our course for example has no driveable par 4s, and the par 5 (9 holer) is 524 yards, clearly your scratch golfer can get home in two, and largely it'd be assumed this is where the two under par SSS of 70 comes from.

    The problem being at 425 yards there's a burn perpendicular to the hole, which in most circumstances is a big carry for the average golfer, meaning a forced lay up and an approach that could be anything from 110yds to 160 yds. For the average golfer therefore it becomes anything but a pick up birdie chance, which it is for a scratch golfer.
    Your understanding of the calculation of SSS is a little flawed from what you have put here. Drivable par 4s and/or the ability to reach a particular hole in 2 strokes arent the starting point, or even a deciding factor. To illustrate - 2 identical courses with 18 par 4 holes; one with each hole at 420 yrs and the other with each hole at 390 yrs would have a difference in SSS of between 1 and 2 (depending on how the exact numbers work out, and therfore any rounding). Average hole length is the issue rather than any extremes on one particular hole.
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    Re: Is CSS flawed?

    Quote Originally Posted by fundy View Post
    Why can CSS go up 3 shots and even to RO but only come down from SSS by 1 shot?

    Our club champs round 1, the course was defenseless, receptive greens and no wind and tees/pins were on the generous side. Par 72 SSS 72 CSS 71.

    In a field of 99, there were two net 61s, 16 scores of net 69 or better, 33 scores of net 71 or better and half the field scored net 73 or better

    Surely CSS should be coming down more than 1 shot if the system is working fully?
    any of the experts explain why it can go up 3+ shots but only come down 1 from SSS?
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