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Thread: Favourite Tech

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    Re: Favourite Tech

    Boys boys!!!!!!! What are you talking about???? Cleaners???? Cordless cleaners!!!!!? The thread is about Top Tech and loads of you have put forward cordless cleaners!!!!! Seriously!!!!! What are you wasting you money on!!!!!!!!!? We have a 20 year old corded one that is as good as the day it was purchased. £30. Surely a Garmin MUST be above the cleaner! Or any distance measuring device!
    Good Grief Charlie Brown !
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    Re: Favourite Tech

    I could never buy virtually anything large and battery powered.

    Having to wait for the batteries to charge when you only use the thing every 3 months or so just gets on my wick.

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    Re: Favourite Tech

    Quote Originally Posted by bobmac View Post
    What's your favourite piece of tech thats come out in the last 20 years, something you now couldn't be without?

    Not necessarily golf related
    I acquired my fav piece in the 80's so well outside the 20 years

    It's a tiny Carl Zeiss 8 x 21 monocular with a freaky folding prism (that's the tech bit) that fits into my palm

    Never needs charging or upgrading to latest versions, doesn't need ongoing support or the purchase of accessories or bolt-on's and still works as well as it did when I got it

    had lots of other tech that was totally kaput or never used after a few short years (who else had a palm pilot!) but they've all gone by the wayside, real tech has staying power!

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    Re: Favourite Tech

    I am going to stay away from the obvious options and say the ecig. Would never have quit smoking without one.
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    Re: Favourite Tech

    Quote Originally Posted by GB72 View Post
    I am going to stay away from the obvious options and say the ecig. Would never have quit smoking without one.
    Ohhh good shout! Me too! 4 years now!
    Owner of golf clubs, dusty golf clubs...

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