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    Re: My body's broken....

    You're old and unfit. It's destiny.
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    Re: My body's broken....

    Definitely feeling more aches and pains since hitting 50 and lugging several hernias around that are now starting to cause discomfort. Eyes have been shot for years as have my knees. Diabetic and the elbow I hurt in the heather at New Zealand still sore but compared to Fish I feel like a spring chicken

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    Re: My body's broken....

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    Re: My body's broken....

    46 played Chigwell today was ok then about 5 mins after I'd sat down and got up feet legs were like an 80yr old. Mines diet to many turkishes .....moral of story when it get to bad I shall buggy all the time and become a summer golfer.
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    Re: My body's broken....

    I feel like Quasimodo , i take the hump when and if i hear the bell, Esmeralda.
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    Re: My body's broken....

    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    I'm not sure if it's just an age thing (I'm in denial) but I feel I am fighting every ache & pain there is to fight currently before any round of golf.

    My current issues are:

    Left arm:

    I can swing OK but if I grab of hold or pick anything up then I get a shooting pain up my left forearm. Wearing the Therapeutic Pressure Band helps it but it's not getting any better! I take a couple of Ibuprofen before round also. I've broken this arm at least 3 times in the past, I'm wondering if it's just a weakness that's now developed although it feels more like tendons?

    Right Shoulder:

    Grimaced on every shot yesterday. On release it was very uncomfortable , feels like a strain but I've not done anything to strain it. Been like this for over 2 weeks now?!


    Working hard changing my diet and drinking habits (tough ask) as the pain I get from the stinging gout attacks in the knuckle of my right big toe are excruciating! I'm starting to notice that I am limping from about our 16th fairway back in, not so much attacks, more a case of sensitivity, the right foot starts to feel very tender.


    I succumbed to reading glasses a few years back, now I wear them all the time early morning catching up on here and with work, so I'm on the phone or computer for a good few hours (too many HID says) every day. Now in the morning after reading early doors and then driving to the club (5 minutes), I find my vision is very blurred at distance and it takes anything from 30 minutes to a couple of hours for the full focus to return. I can see the ball OK on the 1st tee but it's not a clear vision down the fairway until a good few holes have been played then it's perfect short & long.

    Lower back pain:

    Whether I'm driving or sitting down for a length of time getting back up or out of the car/van becomes a bit of an effort, I'm just locking up quite quickly and need to roll and stretch my back when getting back upright. I can also find this same locking up effect when simply walking the dog, the lower back starts to tighten up and I have to stop and roll my body to ease the discomfort.


    Getting cramp in my calves at night in bed, the pain and initial attack is horrendous. I have loads of water/squash for hours during the day and night so it's not dehydration. My calves feel quite hard all the time now for some reason, so the slightest thing and the cramp kicks in?

    Premature....(we'll give this one a miss)

    Anyone else noticing massive changes to their body or did when reaching a particular age, this isn't or hasn't been something that's crept in over a few years or months, I feel this has just hit me all at once?

    I see 70, 80 year old plus seniors out on the course so I feel my problems are or shouldn't be anything to concern myself with or complain about, but I was extremely fit when in the forces and afterwards for many years when I left, I know fitness is the hardest thing to gain and easiest to lose, but I feel broken and it can't be a lack of exercise?
    leave out the gout and cramp (for now) u just described me to a tee Sir
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    Re: My body's broken....

    Can't help with most of what ails you, but you could always try this for the lower back pain when driving ...

    Pricey, but it works.


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    Re: My body's broken....

    Thinking of getting a Range Rover as I can't get out of the car after playing and driving home.
    This age lark is not good.

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    Re: My body's broken....

    I am a lot fitter now than compared to when I was in my 20s and 30s(late forties now) but I can not believe how much I ache and things break down and how long things take to mend, when compared to even 5-7 years ago.

    Sadly its only the lucky ones that reach 70s and can still play everyday, lost many a client or family member before 70s, life is just to short.

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    Re: My body's broken....

    I'm 30 and my knees click but I'm in amazing nick compared to you lot! Reading this has made me feel great, I think I'll skip home.
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