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Thread: Usain Bolt

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    Re: Usain Bolt

    Quote Originally Posted by maxfli65 View Post
    Gatlin is just a scapegoat for a sport lacking credibility and rife with drug taking for at least 5 decades. Seems like people think if they boo him it somehow makes up for all the endless misdemeanors starting with Ben Johnson in Seoul but carried out by the East Germans and others years before that.
    Personally I think it's very unpleasant from a British crowd to boo at stadium level a winning athlete and Steve Cram's commentary at Rio when Bolt beat Gatlin was shameful imo, it's not a pantomime. Bolt had the good grace to congratulate him and say a few decent words too yesterday.
    Bit hypocritical when there have been loads of British drug cheats in athletics like Dwain Chambers, Linford Christie Christine Ohurogu (suspected) who didn't get the same treatment and countless other high profile international athletes like Marion Jones and Flo-Jo (alleged) allowed cheat and not get stripped of all their medals, never mind all those who didn't get caught either some or all of the time they were taking PEDs.

    Crowd could simply mute their applause imo. Embarrassing viewing.
    I agree with this, double standards as usual.
    The only way to reduce this cheating is life time bans, however as in life some will still try to cheat the system.

    Gatlin was booed more than others purely because of who he was against, however Bolt still would have only come 2nd.
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    Re: Usain Bolt

    Quote Originally Posted by pokerjoke View Post

    Gatlin was booed more than others purely because of who he was against, however Bolt still would have only come 2nd.
    No he was booed by the whole Stadium during the heats. He is the most high profile drugs cheat and also got caught twice.

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    Re: Usain Bolt

    I was on a flight with Bolt a couple of years ago. We went through passport control alongside each other and ended up next to each other at the baggage carousel, we were the first two there. He looked knackered, I suspect he had been long haul and connected on my flight to the end destination. We did the manly nod, smiled, picked up our bags and left separately. My kids have never forgiven me for not getting a photo but he looked goosed and he is allowed some privacy.

    He glided along, looked utterly athletic and smooth. I suspect if he walked on sand there would be no footprints. Coolest man I've ever seen 😎.

    Great athlete and entertainer.

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