I've had a GolfBuddy Tour GPS device for a few years now and thought I'd post a review of the good bits and the bad bits.

The good first - it feels like a well built and sturdy device, fits comfortably in a trouser pocket and is usually pretty fast at picking up satellites and locating the course you are at automatically. This process takes about 2-5 minutes in total.

It gives distances to the front, middle and back of the green from any direction and also contains hazard information for a lot of courses.

This gives you solid information to aid shot selection and club choice on the course and overall I'd say it gives a small benefit in speeding up play.

GolfBuddy is also subscription free so course data is available for the lifetime of the product after purchase for no extra fee.

Now to the bad - the software for updating the device has never been good and as it's old now it's getting worse. I use Macs and while it used to work about 5 years ago it plain refuses now so I have to use an old Windows XP computer to update course information.

That brings me to my next point. My course was renovated in Autumn last year, one hole was taken out of play and changed into a practice area and a new hole was added further into the course. Despite 3 requests to have the course remapped, numerous phone calls and emails the course data remains incorrect.My device therefore has no yardages for me on the 4th hole and gives me the wrong hole number until I get to the 6th. Surely it's not too much to ask that the course is updated. My regular playing partner owns a Garmin and that has been updated (they push updates 4 times a year I think).

So, in summary, I'd say it a good product but I've had some pretty awful after sales support in remapping a course. Would I buy one again? Almost certainly not. I'd be looking at a laser as it needs no updates or possibly a Garmin as their after sales service seems better.