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    a slow play, not letting you though classic last night

    Played with a mate last night and a friend of his thats just joined the club and someone else that has been helping out as the starter during the last few weeks ( a teacher) while one of the main ones is on holiday.

    We got to the 5th only to see a 4 ball with two caddies on the green. Turns out they are French guys and had tee's off two hours before us.

    so waited, played the 5th, they are still on the 6th tee, no one looked at us. took them 20 mins to play the hole which is a 175 yard par 3.

    played that hole and as they were playing the yellow and us the white so we were not near them teeing off. none of them got past 200 off the tee and 3 of them were having to look for balls in the rough. One of them the noticed us on the tee and started gesturing to us one of the others came over and a bit of arm waiving between them, they turned and carried on. once they finally got out of range we tee'd off. once at our balls there was no sign of them. they had walked straight to the 8th tee. we played 7 which is a par 5 and walked onto the tee. Only to see them still playing the hole. two of them were up near the green and two disappeared off towards the 9th. we played the hole and caught them on the 9th tee. none of them had even hit off. The caddy comes over as he now recognized us and says go though. The four French guys are all standing in the middle of the yellow tee which is 20 yards in front of the white we are off and didn't look light moving. so caddy says again these guys are playing though. A massive argument then breaks out between the four of them with arm waiving and shouting and even a bit of pushing. We all tee'd off and one of them ( the one that looked like he wanted us to go though on the 7th) came over and apologized. and off we went.

    They were still arguing and not played off the 9th tee when we passed down the 10th, for all i know they could still be out there.

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    Re: a slow play, not letting you though classic last night

    See, that's how it should be done

    Cant see why everyone doesn't do this!

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    Re: a slow play, not letting you though classic last night

    Incredible. Maybe they'd had a neuf?!
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    Re: a slow play, not letting you though classic last night

    Somebody needs to tell them that they should be using a knife to slice a 'garlic clove' not a '10.5* driver' that and the golf course is not the best place to prepare the ingredients for their evening meal...
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    Re: a slow play, not letting you though classic last night

    Played yesterday, last 3 holes (luckily it was last 3) we got stuck behind a group of 4 guys

    when we had played the 10th they were going down the 12th so were a clear hole and half ahead... on 16th we caught them and boy it was a slog.. we were at the 150 on the par 5 waiting to play our shots onto the green

    when we finished they had just tee'd off and one hadnt hit it far and was playing his second... he looked at us and his mate and heard him say shall we let them through? and his mate said no they can wait


    what a bell

    we had teed off at 12:12 and was on course to finish about 15:40 until we bumped into these guys.. ended up finishing 16:10

    under 4 hours I guess for a 3 ball isnt terrible

    but when you could have done it in 3 and a half if not for a group ahead who were bit out of order then its annoying

    also I will add there wasnt anyone ahead of them ... when we went down 17th we could see the 18th tee and no-one there or on the fairway

    we had been held up a bit by the pro giving a playing lesson in front of us and still caught them.. and must of been some gap for them to do a playing lesson at that point
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