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    Fast or slow greens

    Do you prefer fast or slow greens and why?

    We have all heard the expression 'they were slow but true', but is that suffice and ideal?

    Do you know what stimp reading really suits you and your putter and putting style?

    For me I love fast greens, the reading of them is more exact which is a challenge I love to tackle, getting the speed right of them doubles that challenge.

    Yes they need to be true, but I find the faster greens to be naturally true anyway, slow greens can be a lottery, but more-so, I think slower greens yield better scores as players attack the hole far more with no fear of going 10ft past.

    What's your take on the speed of greens and if you knew the ideal stimp for your putting game and could see a board at the start of the round, taking into account there will be slight variables during the day, would you change or consider changing and having 2 putters to suit slow or faster greens?

    Would knowing the stimp help or assist you in anyway before starting your round?
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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    I much prefer fast greens, but not too fast, a stimp of 12 is a bit too much and can get farcical on steep sloping greens. Players that can putt well lose their advantage on slow greens.
    knowing the stimp could help, but would only help for the first couple of greens after that any decent putter should be able to adapt naturally.

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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    Fast greens all day. I'm a better putter on fast greens as I feel I can stroke the put. On slower greens where you need to 'hit it' I can loose my tempo and structure as such

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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    Not too bothered about speed, more fussed about smoothness, consistency & firmness to make angles off the tee more relevant. So long as theyre at 8 or higher and they cut the pins in playable locations I'm happy

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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    I'll adjust , it's the skill of the game. What's next, measuring the bounce on fairways or the depth of sand in the bunkers?

    What I have noticed is that fast greens generally slow pace of play. This time of year ours run around 11.5/12.00, but this year they have slowed them slightly to 10.00/10.50
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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    Quote Originally Posted by Oddsocks View Post
    This time of year ours run around 11.5/12.00, but this year they have slowed them slightly to 10.00/10.50
    How do you know this?

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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    Prefer a decent pace but slow greens are easier to put on. Much less break required.
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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    Medium ? I struggle to read slope. Not whether the putt is going to break left to right, or right to left, but when its a subtle uphill or downhill slope. Sounds stupid, but on fast greens it magnifies my problem. I therefore don't like them too slow, but not too fast either.
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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    No option for medium?
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    Re: Fast or slow greens

    I prefer them quick. It allows me to just concentrate on stroking the ball onto it's line. Whereas slower greens make me feel I need to hit the ball towards the hole, thus my stroke isn't as smooth.
    Obviously there can be problems with fast greens, especially when you end up on the high side of the hole, as control becomes more difficult.
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