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    How To Deal With a Walk Off

    Last Sunday we had our superstar golfer walk off at the 13th at it was too slow. This left his one playing partner theoretically on his own. Luckilly there was a three ball in front, which they had caught up with, and I think the reason he saw an opportunity to jump ship.

    What is the correct procedure?

    PS he's not very sociable and it was dead funny to watch the two of them in front. He looked as though he was on his own at times on the fairway, then from out of the trees came his playing partner. He makes no attempt to help find a ball AT ALL. And apparently never even speaks to anyone. Back in the clubhouse afterwards we asked the lad who he was with what he said to him on the 13th. He replied "Bye"
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    The thing I'd be most concerned about is not what happens to him ( DQ I presume) but the fact that he left his fellow competitor in the lurch. Even if you have a bona fide reason for walking in ( e.g. medical reason ) you need to sign your FC's card up to that point and wait around to make sure someone can take over in marking said card from that point on.

    I'd be having a word with him and telling him his behaviour was unacceptable and that if he shows such disrespect to his FCs again he'll be getting banned for X comps/weeks/months as you see fit.
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    Sounds a real pleasure.... walking off and leaving a partner is a disgrace.
    Was he having a bad game by chance?

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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    As IanG states. I would raise it at your next meeting as well and inform the committee of what you have done so that there is clarity. Perhaps a warning for the first offence but any future repeat will bring about a competition ban, length of which tbc.
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    What a complete and utter bell-end.
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    Raise it with your club manager. Totally unacceptable.
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    The guy would have been better using the D Willet excuse
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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    Be grateful you get 5 holes without him, don't put your name down with him again and if asked make sure people know what a prize pillock the guy is.

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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    I'm assuming this was in a competition? At our place he'd be getting a letter summoning him to appear before the Disciplinary Committee in order to explain himself. He should expect a three comp ban at the very least. Sounds like an arrogant plonker.

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    Re: How To Deal With a Walk Off

    First comp I played in was captains day first year I joined. It was the first time I had played with my brother. I only went and won the comp. I felt a prat making a speech. Already rehearsed me next though.
    Anyway, playing with us was an ex lady captain, the first two things I thought was mind your language, and where do I pee. She said " be yourself, enjoy it and ave heard it all before off my brickies". Anyway after about 14 holes her back was in bits and she could no longer swing. I told her to walk in as it was 200 yd to club house and the next two holes were taking us 900 yds away from the clubhouse before coming back. She said" no am ok thanks". When we got to the 16th I had a right score goin and me bro was telling me to calm down etc etc. She gave him a bollockin and told him to "shut up, and just let him keep doin what I was doin". At the end of the round she checked and double checked my score, checked it was all signed etc etc. 42 points I won it on count back .
    When we got back in the clubhouse I couldn't thank her enough and said she should of walked in off the 14th. I was gobsmacked at her reply. She said. " you were on for a decent round and IF you came in with a decent score some folk will question two brothers playing and one possibly winning, I stayed out to make sure everything was ok and no one could say owt". The thought had never occurred to me.
    My point is that as much as there are selfish planks out there, there are as many good uns out there as well.
    Re players walking off, it has happend to me with PPs a few times, but it has been because " life's stresses" have affected there game and they feel they are not good company. Never had anyone walk off in anger.

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