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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    Quote Originally Posted by road2ruin View Post
    Not so much cheating however there was an incident at our club a few months back were a 4 ball were pottering out, everything was amicable by all accounts and chatting between greens and tees. During one particular chat the first player tee'd up, hit it straight down the middle only to get pulled up by one of his PP for going off the yellows and not the whites. The guy wasn't concentrating and there isn't a huge difference at ours between yellow and white so it's not that hard to do. It all kicked off because whilst the guy who played fully admitted to being in the wrong and it being his mistake the PP who pulled him up had realised his mistake and wanted to see if he'd realise before playing the shot. He didn't.

    Obviously it is ultimately the players fault as he should have played off the correct tee's what sort of a person are you if you watch someone unintentionally doing something like that and you don't have a quick word to stop them before it's too late.
    We had a similar thing happen earlier this year. One of our regular 4ball was teeing it up on a par three. Just as he started his swing another of the group pointed to the tee indicating something was wrong. From my angle I couldn't see but walked round after the shot and saw that he teed it up a good foot in front of the white tee blocks. I then pointed this out to the player but felt guilty as he probably thought I had let him do it before teeing off even though I was not aware until in had happened.
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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    my opinion is there is a massive difference between cheating and rule breaking

    I brake rules. I have been a social golfer for years with friendly rules. Nice drops, never walking back to the replay the shot if its lost (I would hit a provisional if I thought it was lost) etc. This was done for three main reasons.

    1. I don't know the rules properly
    2. To ensure pace of play. I never wanted to be the one causing the group behind trouble. shooting 100 was slow enough
    3. Golf is fun. we played socially for enjoyment

    Now that I take it more seriously I am learning the rules and playing to them but if I do something wrong educate and help me. I would hate to shoot a PB only to find that it wasn't real. I would not cheat.

    Cheating is to me doing something you know to be wrong in the hope you will gain an advantage. no matter how small. For it to be cheating there needs to be intent.

    We all know it goes on. it goes on with everything in life. How many people bend the truth on a CV when applying for job as an example. Doesn't make it right.

    I would personally talk to someone if I saw something. Unless I was absolutely certain I would give them the benefit that they were breaking a rule rather than cheating.

    I would also try to stop them if I could see them about to do something wrong. treat others as you would want to be treated.

    Golf is a great game that the vast majority play for fun where you can get as much enjoyment in shooting 109 (if it its the first time you break 110 than 69).

    It says more about those who cheat and the person they are than anything else. I would hate to live my life that way.

    Golf is and should be played for fun. If you happen to do well in a match and comp then great but don't let it rule your life.

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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    I would pretty much agree ^^^^^^^^
    removed list of clubs as they change too frequently !

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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    Quote Originally Posted by pauljames87 View Post
    Is that teeing up on things cheating? I don't do it but people use fairway matts in the winter to protect the course so isn't that the same?
    Use of fairway mats is allowed as a specific R&A/Congu ruling (DEC 1(a)).

    I would see no difference between a player pulling out a tee and putting the ball on that and picking up a piece of wood/debris from the fairway and putting the ball on that.

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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    If lift, clean and place is in force during the winter months and there is a worm cast within 6 inches of your ball, can you replace it on top of the worm cast?

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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    Quote Originally Posted by ColchesterFC View Post
    If lift, clean and place is in force during the winter months and there is a worm cast within 6 inches of your ball, can you replace it on top of the worm cast?

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    Re: Cheating/rule breaking

    Quote Originally Posted by ColchesterFC View Post
    If lift, clean and place is in force during the winter months and there is a worm cast within 6 inches of your ball, can you replace it on top of the worm cast?

    As paddy said, yes, but you can't push it down to make it stick, and if it falls off it's tough luck even if the worm cast is then in the way.

    A couple of times on the PGA Tour last year when they were playing clean and place, Jordan Spieth used the lip of the pitch mark his ball had made to put the ball on so hit could hit driver again.

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