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    First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    So, I have my first ever competition on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

    I've entered the higher handicap section of our Club Championship! I play off 22. It's a stableford format.

    Do any of you have any tips for me that will help me get through it?


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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Just try to play as you would in a normal round of golf. Try not to get mad at yourself after a bad shot. Don't think about your score, just write the result down after every hole and get on with it. If in doubt about the rules at some point, ask your co-competitors before you do anything stupid. Take water and some snacks. Enjoy.
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    It's just a game of golf, make sure you are ready to play when it's your turn. Tell your fellow competitors that it's your first comp that way they will know how to help you. If you are unsure how to mark a card tell the person who's card you are marking. Those are the basics you will need don't want to fill your head with all sorts of things. Is there anything specific you are not sure about.
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Don't chase a score. If you have a bad hole don't go chasing a miracle shot next hole. Accept it and walk on.

    Easy to say but try to enjoy it. It took me a good few years before I could enjoy competition golf and that was a shame.

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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    All good advice above, as for the first tee you will be nervous but try to do the following.

    1. Imagine you're at the driving range, picture where you normally drive the ball to, do it with that level of nonchalance.

    2. Slow down. Everything, the tendancy will be to rush the swing and get it over, make a nice slow smooth swing and send the ball out, dont kill it, once you're away it's just another game with fellow golfers and you'll settle in fine.

    Most of all - have fun! It just a game of golf and no one is going to think any differently of you if you come home with a trophy or 0.1. Regardless, win or lose, there's always next time.
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Just enjoy it, don't add your scores up until you've finished, just take each shot as it comes (forget the bad ones), and ask people if you're unsure on any rules or what you should be doing.
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    The night before, I like to clean my clubs and visualise each hole. helps calm my mind.

    Get to the course early, relax, warm up, do some putting. But don't over do it. I read a tip once to start your warm up with putting and end on the range with the club you are taking on the first tee. Not sure if this works or not.

    Get to the first tee early. No point rushing up with 1 minute to go! Meet your fellow PPs and tell them its your first comp, unsure of XYZ etc. they'll help you.

    RELAX. You are a 22 handicapper. Accept it and don't try to destroy the course and shoot -5!

    First tee. you are bound to be nervous, so take a club you trust and get your first tee shot away. even if it is a 5 iron! Relax and take advantage of your shots. Don't worry if your PPs all blast a driver! Just play your own game. Even if on a par 5 if you reach the green with three hits of your 7 iron, what is wrong with that?

    Play each shot as it comes. If something goes wrong, accept it and move on.

    Relax and enjoy the day. If your PPs are very serious and the banter is limited, just focus on your game.

    Deep breathing helps. Calms your mind. relax your grip try not to tense up.

    Also, I get very conscious of people watching me. I think I must not muck up, hit a duff shot etc. Then a few holes later, one of my PPs, who are nearly always better than me, will carve a tee shot into the next county! So we all make mistakes.

    Just try and enjoy the day. if you play well, great. And if you don't, well your mortgage doesn't depend on it and there is always next week!
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Its only a game and a game you are playing out of choice and in your own time.

    Remind yourself of it if things don't go well.

    Enjoy, relax, make sure you are not swinging with a faster than normal tempo. Best of luck.

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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    All of the above, and as it's a Stableford, on any hole where you can't score, pick up. Then think about the next shot, not the last one.

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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Go out and enjoy the experience. Don't overthink it and don't build up its importance. Just go out and play golf.
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