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Thread: Ever been hit ?

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    Ever been hit ?

    I was playing at the magnificent Cleveland golf course at Redcar on Sunday and came closest I've ever been to getting hit by a wayward shot. It was so windy I couldn't hear the guys frantic shouts and looked up to see a ball land in front of me and bounce over my shoulder missing my head by a couple of inches. A mate of mine hit a bloke on the tenth tee full on the knee after we teed off on the first and I swear as we came up the tenth later the bloke was making his way up the 18th looking like he was learning to walk for the first time. Kudos to him for his determination !

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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Yes, more than once.
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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Yes. Bloke teed off on our 3rd and I was still putting the club away from playing my second from the fairway. One bounce and caught me flush between the shoulder blades. I went down in pain and he eventually sauntered down with the "sorry didn't think you were in range" line. I was only about 230 yards off the tee. Reported it (nothing done - quelle surprise) and made a half arsed apology in the 19th which got short shrift from me and most of my playing partners.

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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Yes, on the chest from a shot with a hybrid some 80 yards away, I ended up with a bruise the size of a dinner plate. I had a narrow escape last week when my brother miss hit his shot and the ball narrowly missed my head and again yesterday when an eejit waiting to play behind us barely waited until we were 5 steps off the green, sliced his shot and very very nearly sliced us!
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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    No, but I came very close last year when my cousin and I were playing Fuertaventura Golf Club in the Canaries. We were playing the 18th hole, where the tee is on top of a high hill, and were both on the right hand side of the fairway when an idiot drove off from the tee. His ball missed me by about a foot ... there was no call and, when we looked back, it was clear that he still hadn't seen us!

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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Yes, in the knee.

    Not a pleasant experience.
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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Rule 1. Never, ever stand in front of Fragger when he's addressing the ball - even when you're 30 yards in front and 30 yards left....
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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    I've been hit on the back of the head from one of my PP's. Luckily he is terrible and it was a badly struck 7 iron. Had loads of near misses as well. Most recently I was leaning up against a small tree, about 3 inches wide and i heard a ball smash into the tree about head height. Would have caught me right on the side of head if not for the tree!
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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    i was stood directly to the side facing my pp as he teed off. he somehow hit the ball perpendicular and caught me clancing blow in between the eye's.

    when i woke up...... he was still laughing whilst trying to apologise. also made a massive dent on the underside of the club. i mean, how does one hit the ball on the underside of the club (just beneath the toe)

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    Re: Ever been hit ?

    Not me, but my wife. Copped a mis-hit ball in her calf about 10m from the tee. The bruise took eight weeks to subside and a year later she still has a hard patch where it hit.

    Guess which idiot was swinging the club

    She did finish the round though.


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