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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Due to the layout of the course ours happens after the 8th and again after the 13th. I've only been at the club for a couple of months, but I get the impression it's open for about 1/3 of competition Sundays - the more important the more likely it is to be open.

    I'm firmly in the "no stopping" camp. Grab a bottle of water and move on. If I'm playing well I want to continue. If I'm playing badly I want to get it over with as soon as possible. Hanging around for 10-15 minutes twice doesn't help either route.

    That said, the ladies that run the halfway house are lovely and the food isn't bad, so I guess I'll have to learn to go with the flow.
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Quote Originally Posted by Break90 View Post
    Ours in only used 2 days a year, Captains Day and Charity Day. On these occasions it is a compulsory stop of around 15 minutes to have a drink with the Captain, with food and wine/beer provided.

    Rest of the year we don't stop as the hut is not open other than for the toilets.

    Can't say I'd be up for a compulsory stop every round, although in a social round at an away course I can see the attraction.
    That would wreck my buzz , fond of me grub i am but il have something b4 i play and just a snack and drink when playing . i hate stopping even in the charity days for the free burger after 9 .. just ruins the tempo ..
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    It's twice a year, and it's part of the day on both occasions.

    Rounds at ours take just over three hours so not a big issue in the wider scheme of things.

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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Interesting. Ours seems to work perfectly.

    The 8th tee is near it, orders are placed at that point for those eating. Food is ready on arrival from the 9th green.

    5 - 10 minute stop, departure is just as the group behind arrives and the group in front is approaching the 10th green.

    I'd never even thought about it as being disruptive, it's just part of the round. Perhaps that's the difference? Where it's the case that sometimes you stop sometimes you don't, I mean.

    I can also see it's different where the course is two loops of nine returning to the clubhouse. Ours is one loop of 18 with the 10th at the far side.

    Everyone stops more or less. Very occasionally people carry on having asked permission of the group at the hut, but tends to be if it's a 2 ball behind a 4 or similar.

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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    We have a grab and go hut, has sausage and bacon cobs to go under a hot plate.
    I hear they are nice but the missus ex works in there from years ago. So I save the awkwardness.

    Refreshment cart on the other course sells cans of old speckled hen. And it's an extra pound if you want a shot of whiskey in your coffee.

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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit View Post
    I used to be of the same mindset, i.e. it breaks the rhythm. Nowadays I treat it as an opportunity to reflect on what went right and try and reinforce the mindset to carry on after a chance to calm down a wee bit. There's little point in getting het up as you can't change it.... go with the flow man. Peace and love
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Quote Originally Posted by Slab View Post
    So if you had a score going you'd "make your feelings known"
    Does it matter to you how their game's going whether to stop or not

    Isn't that a bit selfish if the others want to stop anyway
    But it does highlight a potential problem.
    You have 2 of the 4 ball who want to stop and 2 that don't....who wins?
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    We don't have a halfway hut but I don't want to stop at all. If I want to eat I prefer to do it before or after the round and I particularly hate compulsory stops.
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Try playing in Japan, you're forced to take an hour break in the halfway hut........ Literally, this was our halway "snack"!!

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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Quote Originally Posted by need_my_wedge View Post
    Try playing in Japan, you're forced to take an hour break in the halfway hut........ Literally, this was our halway "snack"!!
    Food looks great but NO NO NO!!!!! An hour?! You'd be starting all over again!
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