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    Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Gents, apologies as per the title, but I'm dead chuffed to anounce that, at least for a week , i can say that I'm a SINGLE FIGURE GOLFER!!!!! This without doubt is my biggest ever sporting achievement. Cricket, Football and Rugby came pretty easy to me but this bloody game of ours has never felt natural. I knew i had to make a 10 footer on 18 yesterday to become a SFG and i drained it. I now feel like a 46 year old kid who's got a top of the range Tonka for Christmas.

    Interestingly enough my last two rounds have been without a DMD of any kind. Just checking out where the 150 yd markers are and selecting clubs using the visuals.

    Just got to try and hang on now and maybe even see if i can get lower.
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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Congrats, drester. Very well done. Enjoy it whlle it lasts (no, just kidding, looking at how your handicap progressed, I am sure you will go even lower eventually)
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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Well done mate, some of us are still dreaming

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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Great feeling lad. Enjoy it.

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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Great work. Well done.
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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Excellent, well done. That takes some doing, as you say it's the toughest game I've ever played.

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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Self indulgence excused !!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done sir. You can get lower !!!!!!!
    H/cap 6.7,

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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Well done - still striving for the SFG hallowed land here, so encouraging to hear of others successes!

    Now that you've busted down the barrier, hopefully you can go a bit lower to enjoy the stay for a while.
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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Fair play, that's great work. I'll be lucky if I ever get to 18 let alone 9.
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    Re: Excuse the Self Indulgence

    Well done, great stuff , hope it lasts longer than the one qualifier like mine did when I hit 9.4

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