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    Do you really want a hole in one?

    I do,after 27 years of playing ive never had one and do think about it when teeing up on a par 3,came very close on 3 occassions but still waiting.As a golfer who loves golf its definatly an important one to tick off my list before I hang up my golf shoes,maybe this summer .

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Yes, because it's the first question a non golfer asks you when the subject arises.

    A sense of shame descends when you have to answer no.

    Little do they know how hard it is and how steeped in luck you need to be to get it to drop.

    Glad I've ticked off this golfing bucket list achievement.

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Hell yeah i need one

    Maybe tomorrow. .......

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Don't need one, but one would be nice. 30 years and counting. I'm hoping to be that guy that gets his first and then a few more quickly follow. Lost count of holed shots from the fairway, just can't do it when ball is sat on a little bit of wood.


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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?


    And since we pay a fiver a year in HIO insurance to the club, I'd love to spend the £250 payout buying all the regulars a drink ...
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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Ive had 3

    And witnessed another 2

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    I've had a couple but I've holed out with a full iron shot, from the fairway or rough and over 120 yards, more times than I can remember - must be approaching double figures.....
    And yet they just mean 2 under par on that hole.....
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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    handicap 15.5 sadly now 16.5 oooops 17.1, 15.9

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Quote Originally Posted by williamalex1 View Post
    Smug bu99er! And congrats.

    Had a pretend one about 10 years ago in a non-comp round from 90 yds, and a proper one in a comp 5 years back.

    Took 42 years to get the one that I cherish. I danced around the tee like a big kid. Anyone that says otherwise doesn't understand what being a golfer is all about. It's one of the big milestones that 99% of golfers yearn for.
    Give it big humpties

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    Re: Do you really want a hole in one?

    Yes please, I have been close a few times but never had one yet.
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