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Thread: Sky Sports

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    Re: Sky Sports

    Yes, primarily for the sport.

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    Re: Sky Sports

    Yes, watch plenty sport and use sky go a lot when I'm away with work

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    Ryder Cup Winner drive4show's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Poole, Dorset

    Re: Sky Sports

    No, I cancelled mine when the renewal came through the door and my package went up to £130.

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    Port Louis

    Re: Sky Sports

    I have the regional equivalent (SuperSport)

    Had the full sky for many years & did try surviving without paid sports channels when I moved but had to concede with online streaming being so unreliable at key moments in the programmes

    Its used for golf and more golf

    Maybe the odd major event in other sports like tennis or F1, TdF etc but mostly just golf

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    Re: Sky Sports


    I have a now TV box, I buy a pass when needed. This week cost me £10.99 for 7 days, I watched The Players, F1 and football, not bad value. I won't buy another pass until something decent is on.
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    Re: Sky Sports

    I resisted SkySports for a few years but when the Test Cricket moved to Sky I succumbed. At about £3 per day I think its good value. Yesterday we watched 2 football matches and HID put the Players on... We have 3 boxes, 2 downstairs and one in the bedroom. All 3 are on pretty much every day at sometime. The thought of missing Sky to watch one of the terrestrial channels sends a shudder...
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    Re: Sky Sports

    I have it because I have to if I want to watch any sport as Sky have basically bought all the popular sport. They had a plan to monopolise the market and have achieved that objective. I'd love to be able to watch Rugby League, The Open, MotoGP etc. on terrestrial but Sky and BT have effectively priced everyone else out of the market.

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    Re: Sky Sports

    Every 6 months my wife asks if we need Sky Sports. I rarely answer now, I just stare at her until she agrees to get on the phone and argue for a reduced rate again.

    The big issue for Sky is that their whole business plan is tied to the sport. Without the sport, football in particular, the whole company collapses. That means they absolutely can not afford to lose the football. If anyone serious comes in for that it will terrify them.
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    Re: Sky Sports

    Can't justify the expense for the amount of watch. We have Virgin and get most of the channels we need.
    I use Now TV through The Boy's old Xbox and buy a pass when I need it.
    It would be nice to have a choice but that's not going to happen.
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    Re: Sky Sports

    Thinking of dumping it...

    Other than a bit of golf I hardly ever watch
    to infinity and beyond...

    ...well from 10.0 to 9.4 this year would be nice.

    And last medal of the year (Oct) saw me play to handicap but CSS was +1 so that was me down 0.2 from 8.3 to 8.1

    Job done

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