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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    That would be total gobbledygook to me. I have enough thoughts going round in my head on the course without that. However, if it helps other people then good luck to them as golf is all about confidence in your game.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Tiered greens, double or more breakers, the list goes on, Aimpoint is a crutch imo. Weaker putters need belief above their own confidence in their game, similar to crazy preshot routines, if ability isn't there in the first place then no amount of posturing and fingers up will help.
    3 putts at your home course and missing on the am side each time is not a good advert for this hoodoo neither.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger man View Post
    Shock horror, more Homer bashing. .
    Yeah just for a change.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Not a fan of all the Homer bullying on this site.

    Surprised the mods have not dealt with the constant offenders.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    well this seems a bit harsh.

    Pretty low pal making a thread like this....
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Don't think this thread to draw Homer out is necessary, however, having watched a bit of his video I do conclude that Aimpoint is utter ballsocks for those incapable of reading a green.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Thread started about aimpoint being nonsense, the rest, make what you will, aimpoint is nonsense though.
    For the record, if an amateur mid handicap golfer decides to start a blog, record and link YouTube videos and post on a public forum then he has to expect the positive AND the negative.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Quote Originally Posted by garyinderry View Post
    The green speed is known. The rest I'm not sure you can.

    I'd like to see it done but won't pay 100quid for the privilege.

    Pulling out books and charts seems a bit much and could be banned if green reading books go so it will only be the express read allowed.

    Looking forward to seeing homers video when I get home. Fair play for making it anyway chap.
    Not so sure about this. Its a constant subject of willy waving to the point of being able to take 1.5' off whatever speed somewhere will say their greens are you are then close.
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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Someone said there is nonsense being said, their is, and it comes from those who don't know.

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    Re: Hahahahahahaha - Aimpoint

    Golf can be a contrary game, with some very weird swings, e.g. Jim Furyk. Putting has its own niche in quirky and uniqueness. You've only got to ask yourself the question, how did Nichlaus win so many Majors with that putting style?

    If Aimpoint works for someone, then it has a place in this frustrating game.

    As to Homer's YouTube piece; I gave up before halfway. Don't give up the day job Martin...
    Give it big humpties

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