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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    Yes I think you are right, Im getting good results when i get a better inside plane and a slight draw. Problem comes to the course and it all gets forgotten

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by 10cclo View Post
    Yes I think you are right, Im getting good results when i get a better inside plane and a slight draw. Problem comes to the course and it all gets forgotten
    Have you been on a Trackman or similar?

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    Coach shared a good video on shallowing downswing which was for driver but I'm sure could be used on Iron shots too with a few adjustments of where alignment stick should be:

    It really is an excellent drill- my problem is when I take them away but my swing definitely going in the right direction with it- showed it to my pro last night and he also thought it was excellent and said he was stealing it.

    In terms of windy conditions- do you never try and play under the wind? maybe another shot to consider if you are someone who hits it high to take away some uncertainty?
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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobmac View Post
    I think he was joking
    I was...
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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    A simple, stock answer from me would simply go and get a lesson with a decent PGA pro and let him see your swing and chant about your issues and aims. It might be something simple to fix mechanically and if you get a playing lesson he could look at your approach on the course and give you advice to stand you in good stead for the competitive rounds

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    Defo going to concentrate on fixing this area.

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    I had a couple of hours on the practice ground yesterday and concentrated very much on dropping the club at the top of the backswing to get more inside to out path. Very encouraging results but I think I need to really get this grooved in before I take it to the course. Thanks for all your suggestions and tips guys I'll update this thread over the coming weeks after a few more games out on the course.

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    I think I could have written this speaks volumes to me!!
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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    I think you play at the same course as me. The practice ground is magical mate, makes me look like Rory....unfortunately I can't take it onto the course itself!
    So just do what I do and blame the practice ground

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    Re: Im Either great or crap!! Why?

    having read through post #1 & your subsequent posts

    couple of things maybes worthwhile considering

    for sure reading through seems as if there maybes some swing motion issues goin down but as the index is in single digits the majority of the time you are able to make some repeatable kinda swing compensations so get reasonable strike on the ball to get ball to target - so although there maybes some tiding up to do on the technical swing motion front it's a couple of other areas I would look to as well

    issues I often see with folks around the same kinda index mark that lead to a feeling of frustration in not getting enough good results out in play to move forwards score-wise even though practice is put in on a pretty regular basis has a root cause in the thinking around what & particularly how to practice and the thinking process during play

    large part of these issues folks have tend to be around exactly how practice time is being structured & of real importance exactly what the nature of - and how - that practice is being done

    plus often times that goes hand in hand with when out in play issues with course management decisions & some tad unrealistic goals on what happens next after the shot that finds trouble

    these issues I often times see over practice structure major around how practice is being monitored in real time at the practice facility
    & what self imposed conditions and restraints and goals are being set from the get-go of a practice session
    so meaning how and where is the pressure being applied during practice and how are the results of each session being monitored in order to measure any real improvements that can better be transferred out in play/competition

    if you of a mind to delve deeper into this let me know and if you are of the nature to research and study a tad could also point you in the direction of a couple of books that might open up some better approaches to improving some
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