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    Recycled Pro V1s

    Hi all,

    The last couple of seasons I've used recycled Pro V1 practice balls on the course (I'm unwilling to spend £40/dozen with all the ball magnets they place in the gorse bushes round my home track). Does anyone know if these balls are softer shelled or more brittle/fragile than normal?

    I notice that after using one of these balls for a few holes, they scuff and crack very easily. They also often leave the white strike marks on the club face. Having not bought new balls in a long....errr...ever, I don't know whether this is normal.

    Is this a trait of pro v1s in general or is the recycling or refurbishment process that makes them like this?
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    Imagine its something to do with the refurbing process. I've never had that with normal pro v1's...unless i've hit some ropey bunker shot.
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    I've never trusted refurbished ProVs! But Lakeballs are fine imo - provided they match the Pearl/A1/AA grading I select!

    The whole idea of ripping the cover off and putting another one on, using different quality control specs, goes against the grain for me. Lakeballs are simply collected, 'cleaned' and graded. Degradation from immersion (certainly given recovery cycles) doesn't seem to be a consideration!
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    Refurbing is basically painting them so they look a lot newer/better than they are, however this doesnt last long as you are finding.

    Much better off trying to buy last years model of a premium ball by one of the other manufacturers, can normally find something in the £20 a dozen range
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    I often buy "Previously enjoyed" balls (ProV1), however as I was given a nice little present of a couple of dozen brand new ProV's, I started to use those for matches/medals etc. Defo noticed that particularly when putting they felt much nicer off the putter face than the lake/refurbed balls.

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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    i found they go yellow fast

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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    I use these a ton for practice. I have about 100 of them that I use in my net at home. They are not consistent as some of them will have been underwater for .... who knows, years?! and some will have been in the rough for more or less or whatever. They then just clean them and paint them. They mostly launch the same but I have one that launches higher every single time then the others. Last month in the frost I was splitting two a night for about 2 weeks. Now obviously I don`t look after them but they are not looked after when they are under water or in the rough somewhere. New Pro Vs do not leave parks on your hozel when you shank... these do. Good for practice imo but not for play.. too many unknowns. Look out for Pro V1 X-Out balls, they are cheap and just have graphical defects but play as any other out of the packet Pro V.
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    Cheers all, I didn't realise there was such a difference between the recycled and the new balls. At least it explains why I'm damaging so many. Might have to fork out on some better quality balls by the sound of things.
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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex1975 View Post
    Look out for Pro V1 X-Out balls, they are cheap and just have graphical defects but play as any other out of the packet Pro V.
    Good call if you can get them. Either that or "practice" type or Blemish balls. I bought loads of Wilson FG tour blemish. Worked out about £12 a dozen. I've got a 5.56mm ammo box full of them still.

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    Re: Recycled Pro V1s

    If you look outside Pro V1's there are lots of other Premium balls out there at very reasonable prices, and also some excellent bargain mid-range offerings. All brand new.

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