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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Ask straight!

    " I'm a member of one of the best industry specific media platforms available, do they get discount? "
    H/C 13... ish

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Never had a job interview before myself.
    But like others have said, Good luck and go in with a positive attitude 👍🏻
    Cheers Brian

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Dont forget to ask what staff discount you get, or what extra golf benefits are there.


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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Good luck.
    Dress smartly, don't waffle, and be honest with your replies.
    Don't be afraid to ask awkward questions, never underestimate the people interviewing you.

    [PS Don't start by asking how much annual holiday you get]

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Oddly enough I had an interview of sorts today which went quite well. A local firm are trying to "poach" me so I met the head guys down at the main office in Halifax for a natter.
    I just need to see what package they are offering now but it's a good opportunity for me to gain more experience with other machines.
    Sorry for the hijack and best of luck tomorrow mate 👍

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Do your research. Know the company you have the job interview with. A common question, and one I also use, is "tell me what you know about us. Sell the company to me."

    Make sure you have some decent questions to ask, and don't be frightened to ask them. A good candidate also interviews the company they are looking to join.
    Give it big humpties

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Cheers everyone. Appreciate the comments and best wishes.

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    If they ask 'where do you want to be in 5 years time?' don't say "in your seat!".
    Owner of golf clubs, dusty golf clubs...

    Talks a lot of sense on twitter @scottroots

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    My cousin started working for the European PGA tour last week in an HR role as Talent Manager. She loves it.

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    Re: Dream job interview - advice needed!

    Don't get there too early
    Clean shoes
    Switch your phone off.
    Don't slouch in the chair
    Good luck
    Too late.
    Hope it went well.
    Mad inventor of the A knowledgeable person knows lots of stuff, a wise person keeps it to themself

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