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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    Quote Originally Posted by pendodave View Post
    That thread about delusions....

    New kit improving golfers must rank pretty highly on that.

    Remember that golf mags are sponsored by equipment manufacturers. They have every possible interest in selling you stuff you don't need. Preferably for the highest possible price.

    Of course, if you just want to, because you want to, then fair enough. Just don't imagine it'll make any difference. Me? I'd rather spend it on playing nice courses or going for a trip with a couple of mates.
    What's in your bag Pendodave? Do you use old kit?

    I was going to put a comment in my original post about the mutual benefit of hyping up new equipment that exists between club manufacturers and golf magazines but thought it didn't need to be said, it's something of a statement of the obvious.

    I agree with what you're saying though, as I noted, I wouldn't expect it to make anything more than a marginal difference.
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesR View Post
    New clubs (especially CF'd) can help you get the most out of the game you have, ie to get fit to your current swing. But they will not make you a better golfer, that's what lessons and practice are for, and don't be surprised if after improving your game you need different clubs.

    Adverts can be misleading, particularly the distances quoted.
    With a driver a fitter could make up a club which puts very little spin on the ball, this could go miles when hit well, but could be awful if hit badly. Conversely too much spin can go nice and straight but lose distance easily. So the best club set up may not give you the extra 20 yds advertised in the magazines, but should add some distance and add some accuracy.
    Thanks James, sensible stuff.

    I was fitted as part of a GM feature for the SLDR. Only problem was, I couldn't launch the SLDR as it didn't have enough loft for my swing given the low and forward centre of gravity. So I ended up with an RBZ2. Which is exactly to your point I think; the SLDR probably was TaylorMade's longest ever driver, it certainly was not for me though!

    I'm not really bothered about distance, more consistency. The main driver of that is of course me, and not my clubs.

    Still, not necessarily a reason not to get new clubs, just not a reason to help me justify it! I still think just wanting to buy some new clubs is the best justification though...
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    Let's face it, you're going to buy new irons.

    Once you've looked there's no turning back. We've all been there. Page after page, listing after lising, row after row of new shineys or classics from years gone by for an price you just can't turn down.

    Then you see the ones! Your brain starts ticking and the excuses for the latest splurge start rolling around in your mind until you've convinced yourself you were stupid to have doubts in the first place. Anyhow, your tv bill went down this year and your MOT was £100 less than you thought it was so aren't you pretty much in the black anyway???

    It's over in a flash, somehow the 'Buy it now' button was clicked or money has mysteriously levitated from pocket to till and it's done.
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    Quote Originally Posted by Canary_Yellow View Post
    What's in your bag Pendodave? Do you use old kit?
    Cobra fly z driver (2nd hand ebay)
    Callaway razr 5 wood (bought from mate)
    ping g10 24/21 hybrids (12 years old)
    ping g5 or mizuno comp ez irons depending on how I'm striking (both old enough not to have an AG trade in value)
    Ping ketsch putter - brand new last year. the shame...

    I practice what I preach!!

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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    My entire set is now ebay/forum 2nd hand purchases. I guess I could reiterate what I said in a single sentence:

    Don't buy clubs to get better, get better to deserve better clubs.
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    You don't need new clubs, you should be buying older ones if anything.
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    New clubs are unlikely to help your game, but if you've got the disposable income to treat yourself then they're nice to have. Unlikely to make things worse.
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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    Quote Originally Posted by spongebob59 View Post
    Pro I use is a Ping man, but he really rates the Callaway Apex pro's.
    I have i25's and he said that I would see minimal improvement if I went to the i200's.

    He said the callaways seemed to have a very hot face, but then he's a pro hitting them !

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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    As an infrequent golfer spending the £129 on lessons that I have done for this year (1 every 4 weeks) is going to make 10-15 shots difference for me out on the course. A club for the same price won't do that.
    My current swing has a chance of me breaking 90 for my 1st 18 this year, my swing 2 months ago had barely a hope of breaking 100

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    Re: Would new clubs really help me?

    New custom fitted bats won't make you better, but give you a better chance to improve.

    I think most of us would get new irons. Just because you can; that feeling of buying, unwrapping and putting them into play. They say you can't buy happiness, but in this case, I think you can
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