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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Sorry to hear this but have also enjoyed the updates as he defied the 2 month prognosis and enjoyed another 18 months.

    Take comfort in the extra time you were given.

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Sorry to hear that, he had a great innings.
    I like putting. (2017 handicap: 11.2...10.0)

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Good to hear how he defied the prognosis, sorry to hear he's now passed
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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Horrible news, they are part of the family - I'm sure he had a great extra 18 months with his dad though

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Thank you for the kind words.

    he's left such a big gap in our lives, was a truly exception dog in every way

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Sorry to hear that, Patrick. My dog, Tanner H Dog who would have been 13 next month suddenly collapsed on Sunday. He had a tumor in his heart that stopped blood from pumping. Though he showed no sign of being in any way sick or weak before Sunday, he died in my arms. He was and remains my best friend I have ever had. From having gone through cancer, being homeless and then rebuilding our lives, he was by my side very day. I miss him so much and all I can say is it really really hurts and I am in tears several times per day at the moment. RIP both Baldrick and Tanner H Dog.

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    They are part of the family. Remember the good times and cherish the memories mate.
    H/cap 6.7,

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Sorry to hear of your loss Patrick. I remember when our Sweeney died, I was only young but it was devastating. If we had steak for tea our Sweeney had steak for his tea, he was part of the family.

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    Sorry to hear your loss. RIP Bladrick

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    Re: a Baldrick update.

    He sounded a real fighter, sad to hear of his passing.

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