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No Deal! I guess that means Brexit then. In our referendum we were asked if we wanted to leave the EU or not, we decided we wanted to leave, since that time words like 'Cliff Edge' 'Crashing out' have been created to scare people. No one asked us if we wanted a 'Deal' I guess it would be in the interests of the EU for us to agree a trade deal with them as they want us to accept most of the constraints that are shackled to the other EU countries, no one else they have agreed trade deals with need to agree things like freedom of anyone in the EU to come and live in their countries or the superiority of the ECJ over their own courts but seems like we would need to. I honestly believe a quick withdraw from the EU would be the best thing for us, we could then get on with designing our own direction. If the EU would like to continue access to our markets then they would need to start asking us nicely. All the talk from big business has been IMO gerrymongered by some of our own government, just like Cameron did with Obama. The Irish border is as much a project for the EU to solve as us, I believe if we were left to sort it then it would be no big problem.
We are asking for the Divorce, the EU is not. So EU is expecting us to provide a solution as we asked the question. We are saying that we should keep the house, the alimony but not the children or any other commitments. Oh btw, we will be seeing other people. and one more thing, we will need access to your house and garden when we want to party or go fishing.