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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreiginFife View Post
    Again! Polished the car earlier with no rain forecast, just put the machine away went to get the wax out and the heavens open. Hasnt stoppped since. Dont know why I bother.
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by bobmac View Post
    I'm after a set of callaway apex cf16s

    H'cap 14.8

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Individuals who book the seat by the window on a plane and have a bladder the span of a walnut meaning they wake me up 3 times amid a 2 hour flight to go to the sodding latrine.

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Dutch traffic lights don't have an amber phase when they go from red to green. Makes you think you have not been paying attention and holding everyone up for ages until you remember at about the 10th one you go past.
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    People who walk round the office having a loud conversation on their mobile phone so they manage to wind up everyone on the same floor. The latest vote on what to do about people like this is close between summary execution or just throwing them out of the nearest window irrespective of height from the ground.

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Falling for the old "Do anything this weekend?"..."no not a great deal, what about you?" then get bored $hitless for half an hour as he relates how he went on a motorbike trip or something. I'd lost the will to live after about 30 seconds. Barely knew the lad as well.
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyDee View Post
    Dynamic Sat Nav taking me off the motorway and onto a diversion, only to tell me to do a Uey and go back and join where I left five minutes later as the diversion became gridlocked immediately. Took me twenty minutes to get back to where I had started from. Grrrrrr!!!

    I think the next time I'll ignore the robot and sit it out where I am.
    We had similar last year travelling from the beach in Poland down to SWMBO's home city, flying down the motorway 120kph "Please turn off the major road to the right" ok it must know something we don't accident or something ahead? Ended up dropping down to 30/40kph then hit a town with roadworks and all sorts going on before rejoining the 'major road' 5-10km down the road half an hour later!

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Getting a statement and letter from your credit card company saying that you haven't made a payment and charging a late payment fine. Ringing them and saying that the payment was made 2 days in advance of the due date, in cash, at the Post Office (PO credit card) and I'm holding the receipt in my hand. Then being told to go and see where there made the payment to, which I did and they paid it wrongly, took half an hour to sort and pay it correctly and not even a hint of an apology
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Horse flies. I have about 5 bites that are swelling up massively. Utterly pointless creatures. I am obviously tasty.

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    The increasing number of people on here who need to just get a life....
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