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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    BBC cricket commentary on air and text version. Happy to compliment players for scoring shots, pushing the rate along. The minute they get out playing one of those shots, they are all over them for giving their wicket away. Bad journalism, bad viewers - second-guessing all the time. Especially that prize a-hole Boycott.

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Smokers who never seem to have a lighter. Kind of useless without.

    Smokers who go for a fag break 10 minutes after starting work. Arrive late, make cuppa, drink it, go for a fag. Start 25 minutes late.

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    Re: Random irritations of the day.


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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    We have one smoker at our place. He gets to stand outside in the cold and rain to smoke ONLY during his tea break or lunch break. He gets the same time as anyone else, no more. Your bosses need to get a grip if people are nicking out for fags too often.
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    So Mrs Imurg sends me a screenshot of some fragrancy home thing for me to get her for Xmas...
    Search the website - nothing....
    Follow the screen steps k can see on the screenshot - nothing
    Search to code number. - nothing.
    Pile through 80 pages of products, getting crosseyed, and where do I find it?
    Page 2, 3, 24????
    Bloody page 78.
    Random irritation?
    Websites who's search functions resemble what's left behind after a load of rats have gorged themselves on a Vindaloo!!!!!
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