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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by davemc1 View Post
    Went up to bootle to try the new irons out, not much difference to the old ones to be honest. If anything they're easier to hook... They are lovely looking tho

    Just say they are "workable".
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    County Senior Champs on the Championship course at Hawkstone Park.

    Dropped 3 shots on first two holes then played one under handicap for a 80 and 10 th gross , 12th nett. Winner was 2 under for the gross and 69 for the Nett

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Stableford today and after playing really well yesterday at an away day I hit it really well again and stood on the 17th on level par nett.

    Then disaster struck as I had a blob, 6 finish to end up missing the buffer by 1 earning me a .1 increase. Comp was off the yellows so the CSS was 69.

    Really infuriating messing up so stupidly but hit so many good shots and putted really well that I'm trying to take those positives forward to the weekend.
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Same old song and dance here...
    A couple of birdies, a few more bogies and 32 points to finish with.
    It's hard getting much more when you hit 3 or 4 real stinkers in a round.
    Weather was pants for the first hour - heavy drizzle in a 15-20mph breeze...just not nice but it cleared for the back 9.
    Sunk some decent length putts today.
    Lots of squelchy ground today - that's what happens when you bake a course hard for a month and then dump a months rain on it in one day...
    Should be perfect for Friday!
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    give the irons there first run out. 14pts after 9 and I was missing the 850s...

    a 1 over 24pts back 9 later, I'll think I'll give them another go!!
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    First match for me playing for the handicap team. Was at an away course I've not played before. Was being given 3 shots but we halved the match so I was pleased. Lots of positives from my golf again today.
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by davemc1 View Post
    give the irons there first run out. 14pts after 9 and I was missing the 850s...

    a 1 over 24pts back 9 later, I'll think I'll give them another go!!
    Haha a proper game of two halves that mucker

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    21 points in tonight's 9 hole social.
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    I had a singles tie last night to get into the quarter finals of a Cup Competition.

    I was 3 down after 3 holes, I bogied the first hole after landing in the greenside bunker and getting down in 2. I then found another greenside bunker on the 2nd, I didn't have a stance or a decent swing and the goal was to just get out of the bunker, I managed to get out but rolled off the green. Chipped back on but then had a putt from about 12ft for bogey which I missed and resulted in me being 2 down. I hit a nice drive on the 3rd hole into wind, had about 175 yards to middle of green and I decided to play a 4 Hybrid but hooked it left into the trees, played my provisional to about 6ft. We couldn't find my first, so played on with the provisional and had 2 putts to end up with a 6 whilst my PP was down for a 5.

    We then halved the next two holes, one of which is S.I 1 and I got a 5 for 4 whilst my PP got down in 4. We then both bogied the par 3 5th and onto the 6th, where I was getting a stroke. I hit a great drive and had about 130 to the middle of the green, the wind was behind us, so I played my Wedge to about 12ft short and left myself an uphill putt for birdie, my PP was short of the green in 2. My birdie putt just stopped on the edge of the hole, I waited a second or two because I thought it was going to drop, it didn't but my PP had now to chip in to halve the hole which he didn't. I won the 7th with a par after he missed a 6ft putt to halve the hole, then onto the 8th. I hit a good drive with about 220 yards to go on to a short par 5, but my PP sliced one right, it went straight into the trees, he chose not to play a provisional and we couldn't find it. He gave me the hole, so back to all square teeing off the 9th.

    He won the 9th to go back to 1 up, we halved 10, I then won 11 with a bogey after he duffed a chip shot a yard. We halved 12, I won 13 with a par after he smashed his birdie put 8ft past the hole. I won 14 with a par, to go 2 up. We then had S.I 18 par 3 up next, I caught my shot so fat that it fell short of the burn with about 50 yards to go, he was over on the right hand side with a long chip shot on. I played a 9 iron to about 8ft staring a massive downhill putt and he put it pretty much to the exact same spot, he was up first and rolled past the hole with 8ft left, I cut inside his line, just missed the hole and rolled out to just over 8ft too. I then stepped up and rolled my putt right into the middle of the hole and he missed his putt short. 3 up with 3 to play - DORMIE

    Our 16th hole is S.I 2 so I was stroking here also, I hit an ok drive, but it drifted to the right hand side, and it didn't have a full shot to play. I hit a low 5 iron about 150 yards up the hill to the left hand side. I had 150 to the back of the green and 120 to the front into wind, smashed my 9 iron sweet and it finished 6ft from hole, my PP was just short of green in 2. He thinned his chip over the green, then chipped on to about 10ft, left his put 4ft short and then putted for a 6. I rolled my birdie putt up to the hole and finished 1ft left and had 3 putts for the win so he gave me the hole and the match.

    Delighted to get through! I played really well and was on for a really good score. Up next is a 4 Handicapper so it should be a totally different game.
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    played with a couple of mates at Royal Dornoch. A beautiful afternoon with virtually no wind to speak of. played pretty well for a change around (all 18 that is). putted very well. had 4 birdies the best being the one on Foxy, which was a drive and a PW. highlight of the round was the par on 18, i think its the first time i have ever been on in two with an iron (drive and 7 iron) for a gross 69.

    Fairways were pretty firm and you def got value from the tee. Only down side was bogeying three of the 4 par threes. no one had tee's off in front of us for almost an hour and the course in front was clear as we got to the 3rd tee.

    When we got to 12 we spotted 3 Japanses teeing of 14 with a caddy. Stuck behind them was a guy on his own. who we caught up on the 14th tee, so asked him to join us. it turns out he had been stuck behind them from the first hole, with no offer to go through. He had tee'd off almost two hours before us. So played in as a 4 ball with them holding us up for the last 4 holes, but we were still round in three and a half hours, which in my experience is quite quick for the championship course in summer in the afternoon. Would have been under 3 without the hold up. Poor guy on his own though was over 5. He was philosophical as he had worked in the far east and said that's what its like out there on courses.

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