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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Played Hindhead twice in three days. Once on Friday and lost a bounce game 3&2. Then played again on Sunday, when the course was setup for the club champs. Greens were ironed and were rapid. Won 2&1.
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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Our course was closed yesterday due to Lady Captains day, so had to play our Tuesday evening round elsewhere. Decided on Abbey Hill in Milton Keynes on a twighlight ticket for £13 after 4pm. Me and Mrs Wedge went out at 4:30, and were packing our bags back into the car at 7:45 after completing the full 18 in 3hours and 10 mins.

    Not played there for a few years now, but have to say that the course was in great condition. The fairways were good, the first cut was thick and lush and the greens looked superb. The only downside was that despite their look, the greens were incredibly slow, certainly compared to what we are used to at Leighton Buzzard. But that did not deter us, or impact our enjoyment. The reappearance of my duck hook was prolific, producing some horrendous shots. Fortunately, the course is a little more open than LBGC, and my scrambling was pretty good. Despite being out of position numerous times, I was still able to come in under handicap. Mrs Wedge struggled a bit with the first cut being so thick and clingy, but she also managed to come in a couple under handicap. There weren't any really difficult holes, no really long holes - many around the 360yd mark, no real need for a driver at all, even the par 5's were sub 500 yds. All in all though, it was an enjoyable round on a pretty decent course, certainly for the price.

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    greensomes tie last night with Slow Dave. Against two of the slowest guys, if no the slowest at my club, that made Dave Seem a positive racing snake by comparison.

    only just got in before it got dark almost 4 hours on an empty course. Imagine Jason Day and Kevin Ka being your oppo, only slower

    won 2 up giving away 3 shots, they ham and egged well and the high handicapper hit it miles

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by pauljames87 View Post
    Played isle of purbeck yesterday. What a lovely course and the weather was spot on

    27 points. Prepared for a low score however disappointed as went out in 17

    Too many blobs on back 9 for sure

    Won nearest pin tho
    Went there for lunch with the wife on Sunday after we had paid a visit to Corfe Castle. On a nice day, the views from the clubhouse must be some of the best in the country.


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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Got out first thing this morning with the bro (7.04) all done and back fir breakfast by 10.

    81 blows for a new pb, now just need to door during a comp!
    My own H4H. Challenge. Get to 16 or pop £20in the pot.

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by srixon 1 View Post
    Went there for lunch with the wife on Sunday after we had paid a visit to Corfe Castle. On a nice day, the views from the clubhouse must be some of the best in the country.
    I played a match there last month, the rain started 5 mins before I tee'd off. Needless to say, not the best views that day

    We'll need to arrange another game again soon Steve

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    29 points today, but massively inconsistent, as evidenced by my card for the back 9 which had a 5 pointer, 3 x 3 pointers, 2 x 1 pointers, and 3 blobs. Not a net par in sight.

    Highlight was on our SI 3 412 yard dog leg 16th, beautiful 250 yard drive, peach of a 5 hybrid which ended up just off the green, about 10 ft from the flag, then a little chip which bounced twice and straight in the hole for a lovely 5 points. Felt like a proper golfer, or at least I did until I walloped my drive on the 17th about 50 yards left of the intended target, nearly killed some poor bloke walking up the 2nd

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Rule 1 - Don't birdie the first, it's all downhill from there....
    And it was.
    Some very extraordinary swings that produced visits to parts of the course I normally only see whilst playing different holes...
    Perfect preparation for the qualifier on Friday and Forest Pines on Sunday
    Could be a long weekend.........
    Callaway clubs in a Callaway bag.

    Handicap 7.9 at Whipsnade Park

    H4H Handicap challenge Vs r0wly86

    You might be a King or a Little Street Sweeper but sooner or later you dance with The Reaper...

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    I like to play new courses when I can, so today I made the trek to Waterstoke. Doubt I'll return any time soon, the course was was decent nick but it was just so dull.

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    Re: I played today and...(Rolling thread)

    Smashing round with ManinBlack and two of his friends at Prudhoe GC. Great company. Didn't strike the ball well today which was disappointing after a good run of form. Recovered towards the end and went to the last level for the back nine, my partner and i got stuffed on the front, before proceeding to make an absolute hash of it 😭😭. Honours all to MiB and his partner.

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