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Thread: Slow cooker...

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    Slow cooker...

    I don't mean the way my old granny used to shuffle around the kitchen all day.

    Just started using one and all I've used it for is to cook a whole chicken, with a bit of stock, salt and pepper and that's it. 2 minutes prep all day cooking lol

    Has anyone got some simple tasty recipes they would like to share, maybe a nice simple curry.

    Hopefully someone from mumsnet will see this.

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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Brilliant things

    I use one to cook a Ghurka curry in - sorry can't share the recipe

    But there is a James Martin book on slow cooking which is great

    Find BBC food have some great recipes

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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Have a look on Amazon. Some great slow cooker recipe books. Excellent way of cooking

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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Don't have a recipe to offer but I can confirm that they are great for things such as chilli, curries as well as the obvious stews. The flavours are more intense because of the slowness of the cook. You don't need to complicate the recipe, keep it simple, chuck it in and come back 8-10 hours later.
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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Just follow any old curry recipe and bung it in. It will work and will be lovely.

    I like doing a nice casserole in mines. No recipe, just bung things in, but here's an idea.....

    Stewing steak (browned off, oxo cube sprinkled over it)
    Shallots (a few off, peeled, unchopped)
    Carrots (couple of right big uns, chopped up)
    Cellery (couple of stalks chopped up)
    Peppers (red n yella, chopped up)
    Mushrooms (good handful, quartered)
    Tomatoes ( tin might work, but I quarter about 5 of them) they melt to nothing but give a good flavour.
    Bay leaf
    Few herbs (varies, depending on what I fancy chucking in)
    Stockpot (beef one)
    Salt pepper
    Some water to mix up the stock pot thing.

    Think that's what I throw in from memory.

    5 mins to throw together and it tastes delicious.

    You can do that recipe with some chops too, even bung in a few spuds with the chops if you like.

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    Re: Slow cooker...

    2 stuffed sheeps hearts, some thick lamb gravy left to cook all day some cheesy mash and stuff yourselves.

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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Damn right for a chilli, I'll post my competition winning recipe (ok there were only 4 of us ) when I get back from working away. I usually use mince but if I decide on cubed beef then it's the slow cooker all the way.
    Not fussed about curries in the slow cooker, they have to be cooked quickly IMO unless it's lamb/beef or something but even then it would be in a large frying pan with a lid on.
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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Haven't got a recipe to hand, but it will make the best pulled pork!
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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Love our slow cooker!!! Curry, chilli, bolognase, stews, roast chicken...
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    Re: Slow cooker...

    Sausage Stew.
    Stick some spuds cut up to a size you like into the cooker and let them start cooking.

    Packet of sausages (any you prefer but higher meat content holds together better) cut them into ether 3 or 4 pieces each depending on the size and fry them off until brown along with an onion (and mushrooms if you like them).

    Fire that into a slow cooker filled with the spuds, peas, chopped carrots, 2 or 3 stalks of celery chopped some mixed herbs and black pepper and a little salt. Let it simmer until the spuds are fully cooked and add gravy granules and let it simmer without the lid on to thicken up a little.

    Eat and enjoy. Tastes even better the next day.
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