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Thread: Embarrasing.

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    I got picked up for an away day once with a couple of other guys and about 3 mins in to the journey realised I'd left my shoes at home. Quick turnaround to get them and an hour of mickey taking later the guy who had been on it the most then found out he had left his shoes at home.

    Oh how we laughed!

    They didn't even have the right size in the pro shop so he spent £80 on shoes that didn't fit quite right.

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    I travelled down to Surrey from Scotland to accept an invitation to present the trophies of a regional Junior league that I had started 25 years ago.
    I got the dates muddled and arrived a day early.
    To make matters worse I had made other appointments for the following day.

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit View Post
    Playing in a mixed with the lady captain. Dashed into the woods for a jimmy. Had one of those squirt sideways events.... light brown chinos with large dark damp patch. Wasn't asked to play again.

    Thread winner!!

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Does getting your head stuck in the turnstile at Highbury, while trying to bunk in, count?

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    There's that many that I wouldn't even know how to start listing them, that and you lot would probably get bored of reading them after the first hour or so...
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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Done the shoes one and had to play a match in black hush puppies (it was the 80s). This year drove all the way to Milford for a practice round ahead of their scratch event and realised my putter was sitting on my practice green at home.

    Mate of mine turned up for my first wedding a week early and rushed into the church thinking he was late and sat there for 20 minutes at the back wondering why he didn't recognise anyone.

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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Not golf related. I had booked a holiday on Santorini for a friend and myself. I literally moved house the day before the departure, so I had only glimpsed at the tickets once, memorizing the departure time. Packing and everything was totally hectic, but we managed to get to the airport about two hours early, feeling quite relaxed. The flight did not show up on the departure board at all, so we went to the airlines information counter to enquire about it. The lady looked at us and said: "Oh, you're this mornings no show ..." Turns out I had confused the departure time and the flight number and the plane had left some hours earlier without us. The next direct flight to Santorini wasn't going until three days later. We ended up flying to Crete instead and took the ship from there (to be fair, the lady from the airline was super helpful and I think it was only a 20 € fee to change the tickets).
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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Does forgetting to turn up for a match count?

    Earlier this year l was at work & got a call from the club office to say my partner & opposition pair were standing on the 1st tee waiting for me! To make matters worse, it was foursomes ...
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    Re: Embarrasing.

    One of the lads on our annual golf trip left his shoes, golf bag and clubs in his works van that he'd left somewhere after going out straight from work the night before and only realised when we got to Carden Park - which is 2 hours away!!
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    Re: Embarrasing.

    Mrs Shep and I were due to stay a week with some friends who live in France - we'd never been to their house before. Our arrival was a day before they returned from a trip away so they told us they'd leave the gate unlocked and would hide a key for us. When we arrived in the village where they lived I realised that I had not brought the address with me. We couldn't get hold of our friends on the phone so we ended up wandering the village, street by street, looking for houses that fitted the bits of descriptions that we could remember (by a river, has a pool etc.). When we found the most likely candidate, the gate was locked - cue much more doubt and head-scratching (and Mrs S calling me an idiot for 100th time that morning). I eventually decided to climb the gate and see if the key was where it was supposed to be, halfway over I was challenged by a neighbour - she didn't speak any English and my French only works in shops and restaurants. Eventually we managed to establish that it was the right house and that we convinced Jean-Claude that were friends of the owner and that we were expected! Turns out the neighbour had locked the gate because he thought it had been left open accidentally.

    We visited them again this year at their new house - they picked us up from the train station, probably simpler all round that way.
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