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    BBC rugby commentators

    Am I the only one who thinks that Eddie Butler (the welsh twit) is incredibly biased against England? Why do the BBC use him on the English matches?

    I don't mind England getting beaten especially when as on Saturday the other side played better, but I do take umbrage when the commentator is so biased. Taking obvious delight in england's poor play.

    We have witnessed quite rightly tributes to Bill Mclaren this year as perhaps the best rugby commentator ever, but nearly all said he was never biased and praised each side equally, sadly we can't say the same about the welsh idiot Butler.

    Never rated him as a player either! I'm suprised Brian Moore hasn't decked him!

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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    Speaking of bias..... there's nobody worse than Brian Moore and his pro-England crap, so perhaps the two of them balance each other out.

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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    Funny things commentators, they seem to ebb and flow with the play, one minute side A is the best thing since sliced bread then if they go behind side B becomes the greatest team in existence, and all change when the scores change again.
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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    I personally think the BBC coverage of all the matches has been shocking and don't rate any of the commentators or so called experts. I far prefer the Sky team
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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    The one thing that winds me up especially with golf commentators....sorry, will start a new thread.

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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    i've no problem with the commentators, only the rugby that England play.
    Why don't we play an expansive game?
    We may as well play with 15 forwards cos the backs don't get used.
    Johnno was griping about Ireland getting the scrum at the end. A way of deflecting criticism i'm afraid.
    Ireland deserved to win! come on Johnno, give the fans what they want to see.
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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    I wouldn't class Butler as biased: he's just unispiring as a commentator.

    For true bias you need Johnathan Davies: surely the most myopic, biased, hopeless, annoying commentator that ever lived.

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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    For true bias you need Johnathan Davies: surely the most myopic, biased, hopeless, annoying commentator that ever lived.
    Agreed. If I ever found myself in a room with a gun, two bullets, Jonathan Davies and Osama Bin Laden, I'd shoot Jonathan Davies twice.

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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    BBC's commentary is, staggering to believe, vastly superior to their ability to actually show the firkin' game.

    I don't want to see adverts for 'Farting on Ice' or whatever pile of tagnuts they are going to show to early-evening window-lickers while I'm trying to watch a game of bloody rugby.

    Oh, and FYI BBC - show me highlight stuff when the game isn't in play. I quite like to see things like lineouts and re-starts, call me an old traditionalist...

    Oh, and Butler is, was and always will be a first rate plonker. Terrible commentator with a staggering inability to see what's going on and who is involved.

    As for the game, it was daylight robbery pure and simple. A lack of bite in the oppo's 22 doesn't disguise the fact that Ireland were pummelled and had a) a lucky turnover and b) a shocking decision to thank for 2 of their 3 tries. Fair play to them for capitalising, but the dominant team were not the winners.

    Not sure Care will be starting the next game mind...
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    Re: BBC rugby commentators

    If I ever found myself in a room with a gun, two bullets, Jonathan Davies and Osama Bin Laden, I'd shoot Jonathan Davies twice.
    Absolutely correct. You can't take any risks with someone as dangerous as Davies.

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