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  1. Re: does golf always beat a bad day at the office?

    i think we should not bring golf at the office especially if we failed to win in some tournaments.this article has a big lesson for every one.
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    Re: New drivers

    thanks for this new really helps a lot of a golfer any driver that will help my play more comfortable will be appreciated.thanks for sharing.
  3. Re: Beginner at the range - what should I be doing?

    Thanks for all the tips you will be a great help for us especially for the beginners who are dreaming to become a pro.
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    Re: Help please :)

    it is advisable that you would change it.if you feel you are not comfortable is not good to continue using it.there is a lot of cheap equipment online.just search you want for inquiry.
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    Re: Weird Woods

    i totally agree with you is mostly used by a lot of beginners.
  6. Re: Beginner at the range - what should I be doing?

    i am not an expert here but according to the articles that i have read the best way to improve or to answer your problem is to give much time practicing in your putting.thats all,i hope it can help a...
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    Re: Hybrids

    i think they are the same but other people are not specific to what they mean. hybrid and a rescue club is only the term i think but in general it is all about golf.
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    Re: Advice please.

    more higher and put more power.when hitting the ball.
  9. Re: Any interest in West Hill Golf Club in August or early September?

    if anyone from my place is interested can he join this tournament?this is open for all?or you have your members only?

    thanks for any answer.
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    Re: Advice...

    just wanna say thank you so much for the great advice and hope we can use it
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