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  1. Re: Sunningdale - You will not be dissapointed

    In some ways, doesn't that leave people more likely to be disappointed? Expectations are so high when you play somewhere rated so highly, and that's what people judge against, rather than objectively...
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    Re: When is it time?

    I let mine go last year.

    With having a new arrival in the family and my core group of friends I play with moving away, I just wasn't going to be using my membership more than once or twice a...
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    Re: Lewis Hamilton really doesn't get it

    But for that ridiculous strategy call in China, (leaving him out on old tyres) he would have won the championship.
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    Re: Lewis Hamilton really doesn't get it

    I think that's right if you live somewhere and use the services etc. but then through artificial wizadry aren't paying tax here.

    However, if you genuinely don't live here, why should you pay tax...
  5. Re: Declaring a ball lost…… SPOILER ALERT re Scottish Open

    Yes, because that is always the outcome!

    In fact, has anyone ever seen this be the case?

    It's another rule that just requires a bit of common sense from all parties, much like a whole host of...
  6. Re: Putting distance control drills/method

    I line up the putt, choose the line and get set up behind the ball.

    From that point on, I forget about line (as it's already dealt with) and just focus on the hole. I look at the hole, and then...
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    Re: Type of clubs do you use?

    Crikey! Are you lot all that old?!
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    Re: Hand position

    I think of the shaft being an extension of my left arm at address.

    Which would mean hands ahead of the ball for more or less everything accept driver, which would be hands level with the ball.
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    Re: The relief of finding a lost ball.

    I think they might also log off never to return after the first page of replies!
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    Re: First Competition - Eeeekkkkk

    Go out and enjoy the experience. Don't overthink it and don't build up its importance. Just go out and play golf.
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    Re: Latest Trilby Tour Offer.....

    This is obviously well trod ground, however, I'm not anti-Trilby Tour. I like the concept and if it were played at a prestigious course that I would actually like to play, I'd probably do it.
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    Re: Swearing on a golf course

    Thank goodness for that. I thought there was going to be a suggestion that I shouldn't swear on the course as well as not being allowed to sit at the halfway hut eating a bacon sarnie in a...
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    Re: Stopping Early Extension

    I'm no expert and this might not be at all helpful....

    However, I would think the early extension is likely caused by another swing issue rather than being the issue itself.

    Post a clip of your...
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    Re: Do you eat with your hat on?

    I'm 32.

    I should add though, that I actually do remove my hat when going indoors, and I don't think I would sit in a restaurant with a hat on either (unless eating outside).

    However, I wouldn't...
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    Re: Do you eat with your hat on?

    I can't really see how it's rude.

    It goes against tradition, but traditions change all the time.

    I wouldn't have batted an eyelid.
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    Re: What's in a name?

    I think you're putting the cart before the horse a little there.

    Don't they sponsor the pros to increase the prestige of the brand so that they can charge a higher price, rather than charging a...
  17. Re: Solo trip to Scotland, info and opinions

    Do it!

    I dream of such a trip.
  18. Re: Artificial putting and chipping area - ballpark costs?

    I had a fake grass lawn put in a few years back. Roughly 4m square.

    The main expense was the material required to go underneath that gets compacted to get the area flat.

    In total I think we...
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    Re: Speeding up swing change

    Brilliant - thank you. Very good advice.

    Yes I've been opening the club face and then attacking from the inside but not squaring the face so it starts right and goes further right.

    I don't...
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    Re: Speeding up swing change

    I think that's what I'm doing already, but haven't got to the point of my new swing being grooved and therefore when I am on the course and I am target oriented rather than swing oriented, I am...
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    Re: Speeding up swing change

    Thanks everyone.

    Sounds like there isn't much that I can do other than what I'm doing already, so I'll keep plugging away!
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    Re: Speeding up swing change

    I do that in my garden, only problem is without seeing the ball flight it's very hard to know if I'm practicing the right thing so don't want to do too much in case I make something bad permanent!
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    Speeding up swing change

    I had a lesson a couple of weeks ago which resulted in a relatively significant change to my swing. Not massive in the sense a swing path change might be, but a change to club face orientation...
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    Re: halfway hut/club champs

    Interesting. Ours seems to work perfectly.

    The 8th tee is near it, orders are placed at that point for those eating. Food is ready on arrival from the 9th green.

    5 - 10 minute stop, departure...
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    Re: Rules evening with Ian Wrigley

    Sounds like a hoot....

    Sorry, just being flippant. I'm sure it's a lot better than it sounds!
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