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    Re: New quilt required.

    I just purchased a Hungarian goose down duvets feathered stitch. 13.5 tog, cost me about £50 for every last bit of it. The duvet is great, very light yet warm.
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    Re: Random irritations of the day.

    Individuals who book the seat by the window on a plane and have a bladder the span of a walnut meaning they wake me up 3 times amid a 2 hour flight to go to the sodding latrine.
  3. Re: H4H pledges - update yours here (rolling thread)

    Twofold and treble today so that is £2 to the pot, is it best to continue running aggregate at that point pay toward the end ?
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    Re: Official 2017 HFH Handicap Challenge

    Homer my man. I am 13.8 on the off chance that you favor it. The Kings of Fulham Broadway against the poor people of Fulham..!
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