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    Re: What in your bag is non golf related.

    Bandaids and a few aspirin, water, nuts, some muesli bar or other, inset repellent, sun screen, elastic strap (for fixing the bag on rental trolleys when I am away). I think that's it. The rest is...
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    Re: Stand/Trolley/Electric

    I use a push trolley in summer and carry my bag in winter (with a slightly reduced set of clubs). I use the same (carry) bag all year round, though. it fits on the push trolley quite nicely, so I've...
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    Re: End Of Season Course Awards

    Okay, based on the rather limited experience of my one week holiday in Manchester:

    1. Best Course you have played
    Warrington, just a stunningly beautiful golf course and in pristine condition,...
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    Sticky: Re: European Tour fantasy league

    Good week for me. All six of my players made the cut and I had both, Tyrell Hatton and Ross Fisher. The only downside is that I had Rory as captain and he was the one from my team who finished...
  5. Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    Overachiever. I hate people like you:p

    No, just kidding. Really impressive improvements.
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    Re: How's Your Course Holding Up?

    Our course drains pretty well, usually. There are only 2 spots on the fairways which are notoriously wet, and now, with the relatively large amount of rain during the last week some of the other...
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    Re: European Tour 2018 Schedule

    Actually, most of the events out of Europe are in the winter months, and I can't really blame them for that. There is near to no chance to get a four day event without massive weather interruptions...
  8. Re: End of season handicap results/ stories/ excuses.

    No change. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Started the season on 32.5 and I am still on 32.5. (In Germany, if your handicap is over 26, it can only go down, not up)

    I am pretty certain, that I am playing a...
  9. Re: Putting Mat Advice - Home Purchase - Help Needed!

    I have the Best Track Visible Putt one and I really like it. It comes with a brush that lets you comb the fibres of the mat in different directions and that way gives you four different speeds to...
  10. Thread: Weekend Plans

    by Capella

    Re: Weekend Plans

    Our course is closed today for some regional juniors final, which normally gives the members an opportunity to play some of the other courses in the area for free, but the weather is so lousy today...
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    Sticky: Re: European Tour fantasy league

    By an interesting coincidence, all my 6 players are playing the same course on the first three days, so they all played the Old Course on day one, Carnoustie yesterday and are playing Kingsbarnes...
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    Re: Can you hit TWO Identical shots in a row ?

    It seems to be much easier (and much more common) to hit two very similar misses in a row than two similar good shots. We probably all have sliced two balls out of bounds off the tee at some point....
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    Re: The ulitmate golf prize is...

    In my world, prizes are usually a sleeve of balls, a 10 € voucher for the pro shop or an ugly trophy which you have to return by the end of the year, so all of the above sound pretty awesome to me....
  14. Re: Course Recommendation Between Manchester and Walesland!

    Oh yes, I really did. Beautiful course and pretty dry despite heavy rainfall in the morning before we went out and played.
  15. Re: Course recommondations in and around Manchester

    Okay, back from my little golfing adventure around Manchester. Just wanted to thank all of you who recommended courses and of course especially thank Louise and dewsweeper for inviting me to a round...
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    Re: Three Club Tournament - What Would You Take?

    I'd go hybrid, 9i and putter and pray that I stay out of bunkers.
  17. Re: Spieth 50 Yard Low Check Spinner - Do you play it?

    But that's the point. It is not a thin. A thin does not stop as soon, because it normally has way less backspin, it just keeps rolling forever. I do hit thin shots once in a while and I can tell the...
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    Re: Eureka - 9 hole comps

    Our 9-hole comps are normally treated as really half an 18 hole comp. They are mostly Stableford, so you just get 18 points for the back nine and play the front nine as you would in any other...
  19. Re: Spieth 50 Yard Low Check Spinner - Do you play it?

    I play a shot that I think of as my 9 o'clock pitching wedge. Flies about 30 yards and runs out another 20. Only works if I can land it on the green or on a very smooth and flat fringe/fairway...
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    Sticky: Re: European Tour fantasy league

    And I did it again. Kicked Luiten out of my team (because I had him as captain last week and he failed me and missed the cut). Now he is leading after round 1. I am cursed this year, I tell you....
  21. Re: Course recommondations in and around Manchester

    Yeah, seen it. Already cleared it and got your pm. Thanks for letting me know.
  22. Thread: Lessons now?

    by Capella

    Re: Lessons now?

    I'm having some during my holiday next week, and then again in November, when I go to Portugal with the same coach. I figured it will then give me time during the whole winter to work on the changes....
  23. Re: how long are you set over the ball, before you hit it ?

    Never thought about it. Ten seconds, maybe? You can think a lot in ten seconds. Don't think waiting any longer makes it better after that.

    I always get itchy when I watch players who waggle the...
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    Re: Your swing and your body parts

    Mostly keeping my sternum over the ball during the backswing (to prevent swaying). After that I am mostly focused on hitting the darned ball.
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    Re: where do you practice?

    My course has relatively nice practice facilities: a driving range (long enough for me to smash driver and never reach the far end of it ... which is not that long), a big putting green, a pitching...
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