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    Yesterday, 17:01
    jusme replied to a thread Would you stay loyal. in The Lounge
    Loyality baffles me. If X (X being a good fitter of course) said yuperdooper irons were best fit for me then I would play them
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    Yesterday, 17:00
    jusme replied to a thread New driver help in The Lounge
    Testing on forgiving drivers brings Ping G range out on top year after year after year. It's hard to go wrong with a G25/G30 etc
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    Yesterday, 06:16
    jusme replied to a thread Golf Service in The Lounge
    Sun shines on your side of the street ;) Have dealt with Gokart myself - excellent company with a well earned reputation. Glad to hear about a...
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    17-Aug-2018, 14:31
    jusme replied to a thread Two handicaps in The Lounge
    Same rule as above, but if your society does not do that, whats the problem. You played of your allocated handicap given and established per their...
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    16-Aug-2018, 09:48
    Another vote for Stenson. I' also think Pieters is a good pick, on recent form and its hard to ignore his success last time out. I think it's much...
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    16-Aug-2018, 09:44
    jusme replied to a thread Is Football Finished? in Out of Bounds
    No.....that simple. I have lost interest in it as a result of several points made, but it will never end as it's a business now, not sport. It...
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    16-Aug-2018, 09:39
    Thought the same when I read the story. I'm pretty sure near the end I would have went for the 7 and not the win, if they where my options
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    16-Aug-2018, 09:36
    For the sake of the argument.....all cards not handed in are marked as 1 worse than buffer. Lets say 10 cards are not handed back. Do you think the...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    15-Aug-2018, 06:34
    Only cards returned are used to calculate CSS, therefore a potentially wrong CSS is used if several people complete rounds and don't return cards
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  • jusme's Avatar
    14-Aug-2018, 21:32
    I'm amazed so much debate in this thread. NR for whatever reason is normal. Not returning cards for ANY reason is not acceptable and affects the...
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    14-Aug-2018, 21:25
    jusme replied to a thread fairway bunkers ... in The Lounge
    I tend to find them rather easy, but above is king. I assume the same and as such my only change is to hover the club a little. Don't be greedy. I...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    14-Aug-2018, 17:00
    jusme replied to a thread Not happy with AG. in The Lounge
    I agree the OP should have made his presence clear when he went in, sadly not doing so may have contributed to this mess. We may never know hat would...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    14-Aug-2018, 06:29
    jusme replied to a thread Not happy with AG. in The Lounge
    Your a better man than me for letting this go......I would have literally went ballistic......that is unbelievable. I would be ranting about this...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    14-Aug-2018, 06:24
    I hope he is in as he would be one of very few that i think the Europeans can beat
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    13-Aug-2018, 05:01
    jusme replied to a thread Hello in The Lounge
    Welcome along mate and throw yourself in. Don't be put of by and bickering you see....part of forum life
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    13-Aug-2018, 04:59
    jusme replied to a thread Gimmies in The Lounge
    I joined a course where a group of friends play. I play with them Saturdays and sometimes on a Sunday. I started a few years back with them and on my...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    12-Aug-2018, 16:07
    It's interesting that anyone who winces at large amounts are suddenly charged with judging. I for one would never spend what some do on golf clubs...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    12-Aug-2018, 06:00
    Looking forward to more replies myself. My boy is 4 and a half and shows a lot of interest but I just felt it was too young...up until last week when...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    12-Aug-2018, 05:51
    When reading similar threads in the states it makes my eyes water that people are prepared to spend thousands - sometimes tens of thousands on golf...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    12-Aug-2018, 05:32
    jusme replied to a thread Ping G Driver in The Lounge
    Tested, but found no advantage over my G30. Not surprised as I didn't expect gains. They felt the exact same club. Also read somewhere that a Ping...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    11-Aug-2018, 03:49
    To the manager (in person) and police without a second thought!
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  • jusme's Avatar
    10-Aug-2018, 13:14
    jusme replied to a thread Would You Risk It in The Lounge
    Given any club I ever bought had a honeymoon period where it almost always was stripped with its first hit I would go for it. I would of course show...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    09-Aug-2018, 07:04
    I would also go with the 19 over the 17. I have a 20 deg and an 18 in the same club. The 20 I hit sweet almost every time. The 18 not as consistent....
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  • jusme's Avatar
    09-Aug-2018, 06:59
    jusme replied to a thread Jarrod Lyle in The Lounge
    I couldn't even read this story. Always leaves me a little numb to see a young persons life end so tragically early. The fact he has 2 young children...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    08-Aug-2018, 07:42
    Would you want to win?
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  • jusme's Avatar
    08-Aug-2018, 07:41
    jusme replied to a thread Time for a ball change? in The Lounge
    There both very similar balls, both 2 piece balls with low spin. I agree of course with the posters - the ball made no difference, how could it,...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    08-Aug-2018, 07:35
    jusme replied to a thread First try at golf in Your Golf Pictures
    Good to read these stories. My little boy is 4 and a half and I often wonder at what point I should encourage his interest. I see that they sell...
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    06-Aug-2018, 17:18
    jusme replied to a thread Take a guess in The Lounge
    We had similar conditions with 170 entries just past. Breaking net par were 23 players. I thought that was a lot but it was beautiful conditions,...
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  • jusme's Avatar
    03-Aug-2018, 18:41
    jusme replied to a thread Banned in The Lounge
    The only thing I would ban is those that moan on and on about things on internet forums
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