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    Yesterday, 06:59
    jusme replied to a thread Changing shaft adaptor in The Lounge
    This ^^ I done several successfully until the last. All using the same technique and equipment. Some are just stubborn and without the right...
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    20-Apr-2018, 15:41
    Agree...I would see this as a loose impediment regardless of the ....structure shall we say
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    20-Apr-2018, 15:39
    jusme replied to a thread Booking Golf Online in The Lounge
    Many of the clubs I have used via hot deals have asked me to contact them direct next time as they will match it....not all, but a significant portion
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    19-Apr-2018, 05:44
    Rule 16-2. Very clear - the ball is holed out and congrats on hole in 1 if a real story. Read the rule explained and the decisions attached for...
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    19-Apr-2018, 05:39
    jusme replied to a thread AG voucher in The Lounge
    If anyone has a spare code I'd also gratefully accept it via PM. One of our regular 4 ball does not have one, so looking one to make up to a 4 ball....
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    09-Apr-2018, 06:21
    I think that Rory did choke as opposed to playing poorly. He puts so much pressure on himself (as do others) his mental strength at this time can't...
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    06-Apr-2018, 20:06
    jusme replied to a thread Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 Offer in The Lounge
    Not a bad price at all, but sadly still too expensive for me. I paid £95 for mine in the black Friday sale last year. Superb shoes none the less
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    30-Mar-2018, 18:06
    jusme replied to a thread What ball do you use? in The Lounge
    I never thought I would look back to the days I lost balls as 'good old times' Now I loose very few over the year I am left with lots of scuffed...
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    30-Mar-2018, 18:00
    I would normally be happy to play with anyone, but on reflection I would hate to have to play with someone who doesn't want to play with others...
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    29-Mar-2018, 18:46
    Swing speed is similar and I use stiff in all my woods/hybrids. Would not dream of using stiff in irons/wedges. Tried it, didn't work. I'm regular...
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    29-Mar-2018, 18:43
    jusme replied to a thread Driver launch in The Lounge
    I have the same issue throughout the bag and of course it's me, not the clubs. I have used the technology (as I'm lazy) to reduce ball flight through...
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    29-Mar-2018, 18:36
    jusme replied to a thread What ball do you use? in The Lounge
    if you separate balls out between distance/mid range/premium balls, then there is little between any ball that falls into the area you are looking...
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    29-Mar-2018, 18:29
    In essence are mentally weaker than ideal if anything affects your game, be it pace pf play, low/high caps etc. If your strong mentally you...
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    29-Mar-2018, 18:25
    Other than feel, I think different distances the ball rolls on the green to be nonsense. That being said regardless of the truth of this, you believe...
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    28-Mar-2018, 21:10
    jusme replied to a thread Driver Fitting Results in The Lounge
    Tried improving on the G30 myself and as of yet, nothing tempts me. Damn good club
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    27-Mar-2018, 18:40
    jusme replied to a thread More wasting of money in Out of Bounds
    Child neglect charges......they would be getting of lightly. The charge should be a lot closer to the most serious that anyone can ever face....
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    27-Mar-2018, 18:31
    jusme replied to a thread Scorecard rules in Rules of Golf
    Not hard at all, and I think it's only courteous to do so, however the post was about what the club should and should not be doing according to the...
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    26-Mar-2018, 19:23
    jusme replied to a thread Hard Decision in The Lounge
    I used to think course quality was all that mattered, but I have to say, my opinion has changed over the years. I'm at a course where at best it's...
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    26-Mar-2018, 18:56
    jusme replied to a thread Matrix black tie in The Lounge
    I've played the M4 in stiff (normal flex for me) as I like a low/low shaft. Found it pretty decent and one I'd say does what it says on the tin. It's...
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    26-Mar-2018, 06:41
    Its no different to any other forum, where the majority of posts in a day have little to do with the forum subject. I accept that and choose to...
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    24-Mar-2018, 22:09
    jusme replied to a thread Scorecard rules in Rules of Golf
    Thanks rulefan....just wanted to confirm what I understood as accurate before I take on my club
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    24-Mar-2018, 20:01
    jusme started a thread Scorecard rules in Rules of Golf
    Noticed today that multiple cards were pinned on our boards showing why players where DQ for incorrect procedures with scorecard completion. Some of...
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