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    Today, 06:53
    Looking forward to it. Handicap is 23.
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    11-Aug-2018, 22:21
    I only pay £20 a game for my Leicester season ticket, so the average ticket price will be much less than £40. I suspect, however, that it will be...
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    11-Aug-2018, 22:10
    Put me down with the southerners - originally from London.
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    08-Aug-2018, 21:51
    Man Utd v Leicester 1-3 Newcastle v Spurs 0-3 Bournemouth v Cardiff 1-0 Fulham v Crystal Palace 1-1 Huddersfield v Chelsea 2-2 Watford v...
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    08-Aug-2018, 21:45
    Simply write to HMRC setting out the pension contributions that you have made, split by tax years, which will have been net of basic rate tax. ...
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    05-Aug-2018, 09:07
    GG26 replied to a thread Women's Open... in The Lounge
    I may be wrong, but I suspect that the men's tees will be 50 yards further back. What is really impressive is the putting, which is consistently...
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    04-Aug-2018, 19:16
    Stableford competition today. Ended up with 34 points. Used the 4-iron off of most tees and struck it really well, including through the green on...
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    31-Jul-2018, 19:15
    In general I find that Adidas is on the small side. In shoes they are the only brand where I buy larger than my normal shoe size. Trousers wise I...
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    29-Jul-2018, 16:25
    Iron Maiden tickets in Birmingham were sold out a while back and all that was available were those on resale sites at silly prices. Was just...
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    29-Jul-2018, 16:12
    GG26 replied to a thread European Open in The Lounge
    Was a great final putt from McEvoy to seal it and like the way he overruled his caddie by laying up with his second.
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    29-Jul-2018, 11:43
    Seniors matchplay knock out quarter final this morning in the rain. I was just steady getting net pars on most holes and we came back in after the...
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    28-Jul-2018, 08:34
    I work in an accountancy practice and for the past eight years or so there has been no requirement to wear a tie unless meeting a client and...
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    28-Jul-2018, 07:46
    GG26 replied to a thread Flying in Out of Bounds
    Used to hate flying and I am still apprehensive about it to some degree, but was as chilled as I ever have been when we flew to Palma a couple of...
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    28-Jul-2018, 07:41
    Itís taken me around seven weeks - I think that the main thing for me was getting used to firstly a shorter shaft (felt like I was playing kids clubs...
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    28-Jul-2018, 07:36
    GG26 replied to a thread Honeymoon period over? in The Lounge
    Sadly, the dry conditions arrived as I changed irons and lost the ability to hit the ball well. Iíve just got my ball striking back and líve been...
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    26-Jul-2018, 17:15
    GG26 replied to a thread 7i Carry - Fretting in The Lounge
    At my fitting for the Ping G700s my 7i carry was 117 yards with my Clevelands and 127 with the Pings. The ones made up for me have stronger lofts...
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    25-Jul-2018, 19:00
    Flew back from holiday to Birmingham yesterday. All stood by carousel 2 as suggested by the screens waiting for the suitcases for over half an hour,...
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    25-Jul-2018, 14:44
    GG26 started a thread Fixing a problem in The Lounge
    I started this season well, scoring 36, 35 & 30 points in the first three comps and then getting a two shot cut to 23 with 41 points in the next one....
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    23-Jul-2018, 20:35
    GG26 replied to a thread Ecco shoe. in The Lounge
    Iíve not tried many different golf shoes, but found the Adidas Gripmores very comfy with my small but wide feet. I have bought a few pairs in...
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    22-Jul-2018, 15:36
    GG26 replied to a thread The Open 2018 in The Lounge
    Tiger winning would be great for the profile of golf, but come on Xander!!
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    22-Jul-2018, 12:57
    GG26 replied to a thread The Open 2018 in The Lounge
    Donít underestimate Schauffele. The way he closed out his two PGA tournaments last year, including the final of the FedEx Cup, impressed me and I...
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    21-Jul-2018, 21:00
    GG26 replied to a thread Transfer window 2018 in Out of Bounds
    Leicester have done some good business. Jonny Evans to cover or replace Wes Morgan, Perriera is an upgrade on Simpson at right back, James Morrison...
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    21-Jul-2018, 20:55
    GG26 replied to a thread Spikeless shoes in The Lounge
    Adidas Gripmore are great shoes. They havenít got a 2018 model, but there may be some from last year available at a reduced price.
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    21-Jul-2018, 20:52
    GG26 replied to a thread The Open 2018 in The Lounge
    Forget Tiger, my main bet was on Schauffele and hopefully heíll have a good round tomorrow.
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    20-Jul-2018, 12:01
    GG26 replied to a thread The Open Rota in The Lounge
    I appreciate that Prestwick hasnít been used for a long time because of infrastructure problems, but would the course now be appropriate for todayís...
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    19-Jul-2018, 11:33
    GG26 replied to a thread Ping G700 Fitting in The Lounge
    Good spot! If it was a par 3, I would never have parred it.
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    18-Jul-2018, 16:19
    GG26 replied to a thread Ping G700 Fitting in The Lounge
    My experience is that because of the colour they donít retain that new look for long compared to those will a brighter finish - head covers may help...
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    17-Jul-2018, 16:27
    GG26 replied to a thread World Cup 2018 in Out of Bounds
    As you say how did Young get in? Perasic was surely a better shout.
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    16-Jul-2018, 21:02
    GG26 replied to a thread Your best ever score in The Lounge
    Best score was 85 off of our yellows a year ago (only time I've scored under 90). Best stableford was 41 playing off of 25 a couple of months ago,...
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    16-Jul-2018, 19:49
    I try my best to avoid a 0.1, and would only be concerned if I had a string of them. I never give up during a round - last year I needed two net...
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