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    Yesterday, 22:30
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread BBQs in Out of Bounds
    How do black people/people of colour/the footballers themselves feel about that comment? I donít see it as deragatory, and I canít see the players...
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    Yesterday, 18:55
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Aimpoint in The Lounge
    Used it for years, doesnít add any time to any other green reading technique unless you donít aim at all or want to get the ball in the hole. Iím...
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    13-Aug-2018, 20:34
    Stroke index is the same. thanks all for clearing it up.
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    13-Aug-2018, 17:13
    Unsure of this one and the match is tomorrow. Due to play a match tomorrow. Opponent is a lady, both off 10. What happens when we come across...
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    11-Aug-2018, 19:49
    Ap2 714 £700 Callaway Xr speed £300? 4 wood Titleist 913 £150 Ping G hybrid £180 Vokey wedges sm4 3x£90 Odyssey #7 versa £140 Titleist cart...
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    10-Aug-2018, 20:11
    Depends If theres a qualifying comp or decent prize table. Wouldnít just pay for a knock.
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    08-Aug-2018, 17:44
    Iíve got pro v1s, Avx and tp5s in my ball box. Along with those I have some callaway super soft sand the old NXTís Canít really distinguish the...
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    06-Aug-2018, 11:46
    Escalators. You can walk on them you know! Move!!!
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    03-Aug-2018, 07:02
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Phil's next steps... in The Lounge
    MoveLikePhil.com. If you could direct your attention to the above link. I feel the need to buy a golf dress shirt now. Happy Friday. How...
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    03-Aug-2018, 02:27
    I was playing in a comp at the grove at the weekend. A week before the comp we was sent a sheet with the pace of play expectations. We where...
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    02-Aug-2018, 15:58
    Incorrectly teeing off. Donít tee off Just as the fairway is clear. It ruins the flow. 8-10 minute spacing. Like someone said above, nobody...
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    02-Aug-2018, 15:50
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Banned in The Lounge
    Because itís easier to NR. You arenít going to place in high in the comp and your overall score may be terrible. Your playing partners either will...
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    02-Aug-2018, 12:48
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Banned in The Lounge
    I would ban. Slow people. People who are late. Honour system. Jacket and tie presentations. Flat fronted trousers. Sock colour...
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    02-Aug-2018, 12:41
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Banned in The Lounge
    In some cases itís a 5.5 iron relative to traditional lofts!
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    31-Jul-2018, 22:49
    Look for someone with a lot of experience and who is still looking to improve their coaching abilities. Look at their successes and their clients. ...
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    30-Jul-2018, 18:15
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Golf not exciting... in The Lounge
    Iíll watch a Sunday on a major but thatís about it. Or some snippets of the week from the European tour or PGA Fb pages. Golfs fairly boring....
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    29-Jul-2018, 18:33
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Kedleston Park GC in The Lounge
    Iíve played it. Itís okay, 10th is nice. Thereís a par three over water. Thatís as much that stood out. Donít understand how it got open qualifying...
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    29-Jul-2018, 09:18
    I usually only enter the event if itís a qualifier, but if I had won. I wouldnít of gone to collect a prize. My prize would be the reduction. Iím not...
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    28-Jul-2018, 11:30
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Flying in Out of Bounds
    I used to provide coatings to turbine blades. If youíd of seen what Iíd seen youíd probably not get on a plane!
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    28-Jul-2018, 11:22
    Opponent is late, claim the match. Same as if your about to tee up in a comp... you donít wait for a late playing partner do you?
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    28-Jul-2018, 07:00
    Played it last week in a 36 hole qualifier. Itís a lovely course, long and trouble left and right on all holes. So be straight or your unlikely to...
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    27-Jul-2018, 11:54
    When you ďkeep your head downĒ or at least focus on it, you limit the amount you will move. Focus maintaining spine angle and the hips pushed back...
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    26-Jul-2018, 19:55
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Scoring Formats ? in The Lounge
    Stroke play gross is your total score. Stroke play handicap would be your total score minus the allotted handicap the app has given you.
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    26-Jul-2018, 19:54
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread Funniest golf tips in The Lounge
    Keep your head down. Makes me laugh all the way round whenever I hear that.
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    26-Jul-2018, 19:51
    Jamesbrown replied to a thread 7i Carry - Fretting in The Lounge
    Loft of 7 iron? The number on the bottom means nought. My 34 degree club goes 148 for me carry. Which is what is expected of me. My coach also...
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    24-Jul-2018, 12:44
    Just looking forward to my Friday sessions counting towards handicap and any other knock Iíll have. Supplementals cost me £5.
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    22-Jul-2018, 19:16
    We donít have an official one but a member does one and provides a trophy and money at the end. Itís based on all medal rounds throughout the...
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    21-Jul-2018, 13:42
    Snapped an 8 iron with that drill 24 hours before flying out to Portugal. Hands close to your right pocket on delivery for an in to out path
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