View Full Version : Adams Idea A2OS 18° Hybrid – Not my cup of tea!

28-Feb-2009, 20:41
Good shaft fitted as standard

Weaknesses (and there are numerous):
Unforgiving to say the least!
Chunky, bulky, unattractive clubhead!
A ballooning ball flight which lacks distance.
Far too much offset, which instead of promoting a draw promotes an uncontrollable hook.

Just over a year ago I decided to jump onto the hybrid bandwagon. Hybrids were the hype, the be all and end all of golf. I had heard that Adams was a good, solid brand to go with, so I went for the OS model of the A2. Since the day of purchase I have been regretting the decision!

The clubhead itself is very chunky and bulky which does not inspire confidence behind the ball and unlike other hybrids on the market this club does not feel powerful. The underneath of the club has not been designed particularly well and at best can only be described as basic. The club is fitted with a regular flex Grafalloy Red ProLaunch shaft which has so far been a good shat (the only feature of the club I have enjoyed using).

The manufacturer claims that the club offers: 11% lower centre of gravity and 2.5 times deeper clubhead when compared to conventional irons. This allows the CG to flow evenly and consistently through the set and delivers high launch, increased distance & precise gapping. 30% higher MOI provides more forgiveness. However I have experienced the complete opposite, I have found the club to be lacking forgiveness. Even when struck well the club seems to balloon into the sky on a high, weak ball flight. The amount of offset is frankly laughable… any self respecting golfer does not require the clubface closed at what appears to be 45° to the ball. I can understand promoting a draw, but forcing a hook is not my idea of a versatile club?

As you can imagine I do not regard the club as a good purchase, so I do not recommend this club.