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26-Feb-2009, 23:05
Our wonderful hosts sent me a MD Superstrong Players 56 degree wedge a couple of weeks ago for the reader test panel in the mag.

Being a bit of a Mizuno 'snob' I was slightly disappointed that I was sent an 'inferior' club compared to my existing Mizuno MPR Black Nickel wedges.

The club itself looked good in it's gun metal type finish and sat very well at address, so I thought, okay lets give this a go. The other thing that struck me was the milled finish on the face. I had read plenty about the high spin charateristics (sp) of this club, so I was actually looking forward to trying it.

GM had my clubs list of what I carry and my handicap, and this club being excellent value at 50 obviously would appeal to players like me that don't want to spent 80 on Vokeys, Mizunos and Callaway wedges. So actually good club choice by GM to send to me.

Firstly I tried a few shots with it on the chipping area, and the club just felt better to swing than my standard MX19 56 degree SW. The MD just felt less 'clumpy'. The MD also appeared to have less bounce than my MX19 SW, which meant that I was thinning less shots. (Yes, even at my h'cap level, I noticed this!)

So after a couple of rounds with it, what do I think.

Last Monday, for the first time ever I single putted 7 times from the green. Some of this could be down to my new putter, but I had to get the ball near the hole in the first place, (my GIRs aren't much to shout about!), and I was using the MD for every chip shot going. It was working really well for me. It would 'check' the ball really well on the greens, and I felt as if I could 'feel' the ball, which I couldn't with the MX19 SW.

Has it replaced my standard 56 SW in my bag. For sure it has!

Has it made me consider other brands in future, yep!

How does it compare to my MPRs. I like my 52 and 60 MPRs, and they won't be leaving my bag anytime soon. But if I was looking to replace them without breaking the bank, I'd seriously give the MDs a shot.

Sorry it was long winded.

26-Feb-2009, 23:20
Nice review, and yet more nice words about MD, perhaps as I continue my hunt for new weponsI should consider these, and see if I can hunt down a supplier.

26-Feb-2009, 23:25
Good review. Glad the club worked out for you. I'm still waiting to be offered anything to test :(

27-Feb-2009, 00:04
Just checked online and there is a stockist not far from work so I will slip out tomorrow and have a look.

I shall report back my findings.

27-Feb-2009, 11:51
you got a new wedge... i got a box of balls to test :(
you should have seen me when i found out i was being sent something to review.... like a kid at Christmas thinking new irons, a driver....

Callway bertha balls. they are v.nice though :)

27-Feb-2009, 19:43
It's the luck of the draw (no pun intended (again!)).

Yes it's nice to be sent something to test, and even nicer when it's a CF session at Mizuno, or a new set of irons straight out of the box. But it's just how it goes.

Got to agree with the kid at Christmas thing though.

Mind you I thought the MD wedge was a fine piece of kit for 50. However I was in our pro shop today and they have Vokeys for 50 each. 52s, 54s, 56s, a nice little selection.

"If I were a rich man.........."

28-Feb-2009, 10:34
Nice to see a brand to challenge the "Big Boys"with quality a competitive price, looking forward to seeing the new Seve range.roll on spring