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21-Feb-2009, 18:11
Not a recommendation for a piece of kit (I haven't hit it yet!) but a big thumbs up to the following ebay seller...


I have finally succumbed to the hybrid revolution after trying a Mizuno MX Fli-Hi out for two evenings at the local range. I was absolutely nutting it off the mat and was well impressed with it.
I ordered a 3i 20 degree version from these guys yesterday morning. They offered fairly swift delivery terms anyway but I emailed them asking if they could ensure I got it by next Wednesday as I would really like to use it around Chartham Park the following day.
It arrived at 9.30 this morning!... :D :D

Absolutely brilliant service, I phoned the guy (David Delaney 01422 240047) this morning to say "thank you" and he gave me his guarantee that he would beat any advertised price elsewhere on the 'net (including e-bay) for any new gear. They are official Mizuno stockists (Halifax Golf Club) and offer a full fitting service etc. so the club isn't "snide".
Well chuffed.
Highly recommended

22-Feb-2009, 21:42
Good to know. Shame it aint Ping or I would be on the phone asking him what he can sell me!